Tuesday , August 3 2021

Microsoft launches an Xbox Scarlett to take over Sony's PS5

Phil Spencer, one of the top authorities on Microsoft's next-generation console, has confirmed new details about Xbox Scarlett. We thus learn that there will be no two versions of this product. A decision was made not to fragment and image the product, especially against Sony's rival PS5.

There are new details, but a low one already confirmed, there will be no "Xbox one" streaming".

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Although earlier rumors pointed to the launch of two consoles by the American giant, the idea is now reversed. In reality, Microsoft's top console manager Phil Spencer ended the rumors and also sheds new light on Scarlett & # 39; s direction.

Microsoft's Xbox Scarlett will be Sony's PS5 rival

Thus, the rumors pointed to a top console and a financial console. That is, equipment with the most powerful features, while the other console would be more affordable. An opportunity that had been highlighted as designed for streaming of games, the differentiating factor.

We would actually have a (similar) precedent for such a console. Take for example. Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, already without drive for records. Incidentally, it was also from there that the hypothesis emerged as having one but two consoles that came on the market during the 2020 holiday season.

However, Phil Spencer in the recent interview with GameSpot, it was very clear. "We look at the phone in your pocket as a streaming destination, while the console allows you to take advantage of games on a local platform.". From here we can throw the previous thesis.

One Scarlett to take on the PS5

Even if such plans were on Microsoft's agenda, they would have been discarded as early as 2019. Concerned would be the fear of programmers, game studies as well as increased awareness, effort and resources to be devoted exclusively to xCloud.

However, Microsoft will be almost ready to begin public testing of its xCloud service. Something that will also help replace the potential other Xbox, Lockhart. Also note that the xCloud service was one of the highlights of Microsoft's comprehensive E3 2019 presentation.

Now we wait for the public beta to begin sometime in October. From there, Xbox players and fans may be able to stream for phones, or continue a console-initiated game from your smartphones. Something that will put Microsoft on a par with Google and its Stages.

Xbox Scarlett arrives for Christmas 2020

So far, impressive graphics have been pointed at Scarlett. First, with content playback up to 8K (maximum game resolution) as well as SSD storage. We also want support ray tracing, as well as an AMD Zen 2-based processor.

A Radeon RDNA architecture board card with GDDR6 memory to point to the new console has also been pointed out. Finally, we also know that the first title to debut on the Xbox Scarlet will be it Halo endless.

Could Scarlett surpass Sony's PS5?

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