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New operation makes Junior Lima cancel the show in Cuiabá – Diário do Grande ABC


11/17/2018 | 14:02

Musician Junior Lima, his sister's former partner, Sandy, announced in his Instagram that he needed to uncheck a show from his electronic music duo Manimal in Cuiabá on Saturday 17 due to a kidney stone "very big and not leaving without surgery."

"Throughout my 30 years of career, I've been through very serious episodes and I rarely chose to uncheck a show for health reasons. This time it's a bit more serious," he insisted.

"I have a catheter that connects the kidney with the bladder so it has no obstruction, it is a more serious problem … I want you to know that I have performed in worst situations: pneumonia, kidney cholera, the singer said the problem is immediate linked to the last minute operation he did less than a month ago, October 30th.

"I've done the first two, but with every show I've done I'm starting to feel more pain, it's worse because it hurts me."

"For my next surgery, the limit is Monday, which is when I will do it. But because this Saturday show is very close to the date of surgery, I will not be able to do it because it has hurt me to show. I've had a lot of pain and I hope you understand me. "

Finally Junior aimed at the audience who would give their presentation in the 15th edition of Intermed Centro-Oeste, an event for university students: "I promise that next time I will be able to play in Cuiabá, I'll do the best show I can and We have a lot of fun. "

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