Friday , October 22 2021

Opinion: eight matches without victory result in a chance to fall in the final round


Criciúma plays the final round of Series B still with the chance of closure. This is because in Tuesday's match, the tigers bound 2 × 2 with Vila Nova / GO and only one point above Paysandu / PA (first member of the space). There are eight games without knowing what the victory is. Criciúma was complicated in the competition alone. It seemed as if the permanence would occur naturally during the previous rounds. Even though the team only rely on to remain in the national division, the situation is very sensitive.

Relying on the last game to decide to stay is not allowed for a club that has made good results in the middle of the competition and has inexplicably had a scary achievement. Lost season by Criciuma in 2018. He went through sensitive moments in the Catarinense Championship (beginning of the year) and passed a similar situation in Series B. of Brazilian.

Having left behind on the scoreboard in 40 seconds of play, Criciuma angry with Eduardo's goals and goals from Liel's head. With this result, Tigre guaranteed the duration of national competition. But they struck in the last minute of the first half, 49 minutes.

the Tiger had no activity. It also competed with Vila Nova / GO, but also had the support of the opponents who needed to win to remain in the battle for access Series A. With the result of 2 × 2, the Goians team has no more chances to move. Tigers need victory to avoid closure without depending on the outcome of the game between Paysandu / PA and Atlético / GO.

the Criciuma decides to stay at Sampaio Corrêa on the 24th day in Heriberto Hülse Stadium at 17.00.

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