Wednesday , October 27 2021

Patricia Abravanel denies "harassment" by Silvio Santos to Claudia Leitte: "Bad joke"


"I only cry when I think about it," wrote Patricia

Pregnant from her third child, Patricia had previously reported that the situation supported her emotional. There is a human being, there is a father of a family, there is a man, a businessman, a father, a father, a father, a father and a father. an animator, an artist and a family who knows him very well, who loves him who admires him and who listens to every barbarity in relation to his father. "My God, where shall we arrive?" The pregnancy stomach on the stage of SBT's solidarity marathon.

Before the controversy, the subscriber said: "I'm nervous about the villain he's been talking about"

In her participation in "Lady Night", a program led by Tatá Werneck and recorded before the episode with Claudia, Patricia was asked how to share the scene with his father. "I'm nervous about the villain he's been talking about," Silvio's daughter "number 5" acknowledged. The mother of Peter and Jane has already chosen the name of the new heir, and reminded the father's behavior in his childhood. "He was a tough guy, a good disciplinary, it's not what you watch on television, it's even overprotective," says the presenter whose pregnancy looks at jeans and heels.

(By Marilise Gomes)

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