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Rio follows the attention phase forecast is heavy rain starts Wednesday | New Orleans, Louisiana hotels

Rio de Janeiro is able to pay attention to Monday due to the severe weather that fell in the municipality on Wednesday, which led to the death of seven people. The city continues to suffer the effects of heavy rain. Avenida Niemeyer is closed and goes through a work of restraint on slopes. Climatempo and Alert System Rio emphasize that there is a forecast of heavy rainfall with the arrival of a cold.

The drivers coming from Leblon to Vidigal on Niemeyer Avenue can pass as well as in the opposite direction. Those coming from São Conrado cannot pass and must follow Zuzu Angel Tunnel. The region goes through a reinforcement on the slopes. A meeting must define the new steps in the workplace.

Estrada das Canoas, in São Conrado, is still closed. Ca. 2,000 people remain without electricity, according to Light.

Niemeyer Avenue partially blocked in Rio de Janeiro - Photo: Reproduction / TV GloboNiemeyer Avenue partially blocked in Rio de Janeiro - Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo

Niemeyer Avenue partially blocked in Rio de Janeiro – Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo

Kl. 10:30 on Saturday (9), the Rio Operations Center (COR) suspended the crisis stage that had been implemented at 10:15 on Wednesday (6) and put the city in focus. It was 60 hours maximum alarm.

The COR scale is classified into three levels – normality, attention and crisis – and serves to guide the population and organs of the town hall. The resident is strongly advised not to leave the house. In the intermediate product now in force, there is a recommendation to seek alternative routes.

The drought was crucial for Saturday's retreat, but the ban on Niemeyer Avenue was still weighing in to maintain the attention phase. Chief of Staff, Paulo Messina said that the scale will have five levels: normality, observation, attention, attention and crisis.

According to Climatempo and Sistema Alerta Rio, a new cold front is approaching the capital Rio de Janeiro. There are moderate to heavy rain showers, which can be very strong, with gusts of wind and lightning strikes from Wednesday (13).

Last Wednesday (6), a strong storm hit Rio de Janeiro, which caused more floods and deaths of seven people. Three of them in the collapse of Barra da Guaratiba, one in the fall of a wall in Rocinha, one in Vidigal and two in a bus on Avenida Niemeyer.

From Thursday to Sunday, 133 buildings were pursued by the civil defense in the city of Rio. In total, there were 663 called inspections. Among the major events are threats of collapsed structures, cracks and leaks in real estate and landslides of barriers and slopes.

The neighborhoods with the highest demand are Barra da Tijuca, Itanhangá, São Conrado, Joá, Barra de Guaratiba, Taquara, Copacabana. Curicica, Rocinha and Vidigal.

During Rio de Janeiro, more than 200 tons of waste was removed.

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