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SEBRAE EDITOR opens up wages up to R $ 5,749.76!

The service for support for micro and small businesses draws the attention of interested parties to the opening of a new vacant post in junior technician position. According to the published document, the recruitment will take place under the regime for consolidation of the Labor Code (CLT) for an indefinite period.

The technician's wages will be R $ 5,749.76 (Five Thousand, Seven Hundred, and Taken Reais and Seventy-Six Cents). The working day of the professionals will be 40 (forty) hours a week.

The Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service (Sebrae) is a private non-profit entity. It is an education and development promoter set up to support small businesses across the country. Since 1972, it has been working to stimulate entrepreneurship and enable the competitiveness and sustainability of micro and small businesses.

To ensure service to small businesses, Sebrae operates across the country. Where there is Brazil, there are Zebra. In addition to the national headquarters in Brasilia, the institution has service points in the 27 units in the federation.

Sebrae is responsible for the system's strategic direction, which defines guidelines and priority actions. Governmental entities develop actions according to regional reality and national guidelines. More than 5,000 direct employees work throughout the country and approx. 8,000 accredited consultants and instructors to convey knowledge to those who have or want to start a business.

Sebrae is an educational and developmental agent, but it is not a financial institution, so it does not make money. It articulates (along with banks, credit cooperatives and micro-credits) the creation of financial products tailored to the segment's needs. It also governs entrepreneurs so that access to credit is actually an instrument for improving the business.

Sebrae is conducting a selective process aimed at the transparency of its contracts and registers, it is not required to make a public bid for access to its staff as provided for in the Federal Constitution and thus does not cause any kind of stability. According to the announcement, the possibilities are destined for the city of Cachoeira do Sul (RS). The expectation is that more opportunities will be open to other places in the country.

About the position

The junior technician should provide assistance to graduates for entrepreneurs and small business entrepreneurs; conduct assessments, diagnosis and lectures formulate with partners and make internal demands for participation, counseling, courses, seminars, business missions, business rounds, workshops in accordance with the needs of local clients prospecting customers for SEBRAE solutions; plan, organize and hold events attending events as representative of SEBRAE.

The position requires a bachelor's degree in Administration, Accounting, Economics or Engineering.

Stages and registration

The competition consists of:

a) Step 1: Registration;

b) Step 2: Curriculum Analysis;

c) Step 3: Knowledge assessment and

d) Step 4: Evaluation of competencies.

The registration must take place until 8 pm. 12.00 on March 20, 2019 through the websites or, which follows the instructions on the pages.

Applicants who have received the deferred registration are summoned for the assessment of the knowledge, elimination phase held in the city of PORTO ALEGRE according to the execution schedule, Annex II_ to this notice, at a place and time of subsequent notification by a declaration

Knowledge assessment consists of 30 (thirty) objective questions, each with 04 (four) alternatives, with only one correct answer with the following composition, whose programs and / or bibliographic references are included in Annex I to this statement:

a) 10 (ten) Portuguese questions, each question to 3.3 points

b) 10 (ten) GENERAL ISSUES questions worth every 2.0 points;

c) 10 (ten) SPECIFIC RULES, each question worth 4.7 points;

Candidates who obtain 60 (sixty) points or more in the final assessment certificate will be considered approved at this stage.

Programmatic Content

ENGLISH: Understand and interpret texts. Writing and rewriting sentences. Figurative language. Synonyms and antonyms. Correct and figurative understanding of words. Public spelling. Graphic accentuation. Score. Verb conjugation and verbal voices. Verbal and nominal agreement. Use of personal, possessive, demonstrative, indeterminate and relative pronouns. Crase. Understand and interpret texts to assess the candidate in terms of logical reasoning, relationships, analogies and synthetic.

GENERAL SCIENCE: Logical Rationale: Combined Analysis. Set. Reason and share. Three simple and complex rules. Percentage. Principles of counting. Concepts of statistics and probability. Logical mathematical reasoning. Logical quantitative justification. Logical justification. Logical justification. Logical justification. Updates: Information on current issues within citizenship, education, culture, economy, health, environment, ecological awareness and sustainability.

SPECIAL VIDEO: Legislation on National Simples. Micro and small business management. Planning methods and techniques. Creating and formalizing a business. Basic business management issues: diagnosis of customer needs, economy, market, people. Customer service techniques for customer satisfaction. Basis for innovation. Performance indicators. The basis for the project management model.

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SEBRAE EDITOR opens up wages up to R $ 5,749.76!

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