Sunday , January 24 2021

The athlete injured in fire in Urubu's nest presents improvement

Fifteen-year-old athlete Jonathan Cruz Ventura is admitted to the Burns Treatment Center (CTQ) at Pedro II Municipal Hospital in Santa Cruz and has a stable condition with improved breathing and no fever.

Jonathan was severely injured in the fire that hit Sixth(10), the Flamengo Training Center, known as Urubu's Nest, in Vargem Grande, west of Rio de Janeiro. Ten athletes aged 14 to 16 from the basic categories of the club who slept in the home died in the fire.

According to the municipal health department, Jonathan is "hemodynamically stable, with improvements in breathing parameters." The medical bulletin released late in the morning Today (11) reports that "the sedation was suspended and he had no fever in the last 24 hours". He was also sent to a new bronchoscopy that "showed improvement in the lungs" besides having passed by bath of the deep burns, "showing no deterioration of the lesions".

Five of the victims were buried yesterday and the other five will be buried Today.

City Hall

The City Hall stated in a note that the building and the container do not have an approval certificate from the fire service and that it was therefore not suitable for functioning, as the company is the only thing with the task of issuing such a license.

Municipal Department of Urbanism announced that the current license for the project only applies to the works that were in force until March 2019. However, Flamengo would not have submitted documentation regarding accommodation. The city will open a survey this week to find out the case. Clube do Flamengo and the engineers responsible for the work will be asked to clarify.

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