Tuesday , November 24 2020

"Transferring Bruno Mndez to the Corinthians well underway," said President of the Uruguayan club

Bruno M

Bruno Mndez must be hired by the Corinthians

Reproduction / Instagram / Montevideo Wanderers

The Corinthians are close to sealing the signing of the Uruguayan defender Bruno Méndez, 19. The one confirming the advanced stage of the negotiations is Gabriel Blanco, president of Montevideo Wanderers, where the defender plays.

"It is well underway (transfer of) Bruno Mendez to the Corinthians, the negotiations are advanced, I believe there will be news in the next 24 or 48 hours," Blanco said in an interview awarded Wednesday to the program Throwing walls of the Uruguayan radio 1010.

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As reported last week here in My timon, Montevideo asked Wanderers to sell from Mendez to $ 4 million (nearly $ 15 million). The Corinthians are trying to lower the crowd – the Uruguayan press speaks to $ 3 million (just over $ 11 million).

"There are players who see and probe opportunities and opportunities. He (Mendez) is a player we observe, but currently no more"Corinthian director Duílio Monteiro said on the 30th.

Despite being old enough to be integrated into the Corinthians during the 20th cast, Méndez would be part of the professional cast. He is the captain of the Uruguayan base team in the South American, played in Chile and started by the national team of two friendly matches last year – one against Brazil; another against france.

The current white team includes defender Henrique, Marllon, Léo Santos, Pedro Henrique and newly recruited Manoel, borrowed by Cruzeiro. As much as age as the big competition, Mendez would arrive in Timon more likely to be used effectively in the future.

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