Monday , November 23 2020

Vale has already spent more than R $ 10 million on donations to relatives of Brumadinho victims

Vale stated that 107 donations of R $ 100,000 (R $ 10.7 million) have already been paid to representatives of the dead and deficiencies in the breach of the Córrego do Feijão Mine dam in Brumadinho, Minas Gerais. From 31 January and Monday (4), 248 people registered as representatives of those affected by the tragedy.

According to the company, tomorrow (6) the service will take place on weekdays from. 9am to 6pm at Brumadinho Knowledge Station, mile 49 in Rodovia MG 040, Village area. Vale has not yet set a deadline for closing the records.

Representatives of Vale employees, outsourced workers and deceased or missing members of society, according to the official list approved by the Civil Defense, are eligible to receive the donation. Who wants to consult can access the site

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According to the company, only one representative can receive the donation. In the preferential order, first guardians are for smaller children, then spouse or partner in a stable union, then descendants and eventually ascendants.

"It is important to clarify that this donation is not related to any potential substitute that will be discussed in detail with families and government representatives," Vale said in a note, adding that it will still evaluate exceptional cases.

For questions about the registration process, the company gave number 0800 031 0831 (Alô Brumadinho), 0800 285 7000 (Alô Ferrovias) and 0800 821 5000 (Vale Ombudsman).


The third containment membrane installed in the Paraopeba River came into operation today (5). The installation of the equipment is to protect the drainage plant in Pará de Minas, a municipality located 40 km from Brumadinho, ensuring a continuous supply of the region. According to Vale, this is a preventive measure and is part of the plan presented by the company to the prosecution and environmental agencies.

Vale continues to monitor water and sediment at 46 points along the Paraopeba River to the mouth of the São Francisco River. According to the company, the daily collections are sent for chemical analysis. In addition, a time turbidity analysis is performed on four other points. "The waste leaking from dam 1 is concentrated in the Feijão e Carvão stream and its confluence with Paraopeba," Vale informed.

The 50 meter long containment barrier measuring 2-3 meters depth acts as a filter cloth, avoiding the dispersion of solid particles, such as clay, silt and organic matter, causing water turbidity and changing its transparency.

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