Friday , August 6 2021

Warning and indebtedness are difficulties that may endanger the "Black Friday" Economy

BH's trade promises discounts of over 50%
(photo: Leandro Couri / EM / D.A press)

Almost 48% of Belo Horizonte traders who have already planned for the mega event of promotions called Black Friday promise premium discounts on more than half of consumer product prices on the date. Another 13.6% will lower prices between 45% and 50%, according to a survey by Federao do Comrcio de Minas Gerais (Fecomrcio MG). The number of companies, according to the company, had not yet defined the sales strategies when the survey was conducted, which means that the proportion of participating stores would be higher than last year.

This is the evaluation of research analysts by Fecomrcio Elisa Castro. The main events occurred in the segments of furniture and electrodomsticos (81.3%); fabrics, clothes and drafts (53.3%); books, newspapers, magazines and stationery (50%); and other articles of personal and secret use (50%). For about half of the contractors, the expectation is about 25% more during Black Friday than the normal volume of sales.

Almost a quarter of consumers in Belo Horizonte (23.8%) are waiting for the Brazilian megapromoo to shop. Black Friday will be held on the 23rd, inspired by the campaign festival created in the United States in the 1990s. "The success of recent years has been linked to the fact that the date has become an opportunity for people to anticipate Christmas purchases, using better prices, while brands intensify sales and strengthen their presence on the market," said Elisa Castro.

Fecom research
Fecomrcio MG's survey showed that 60% of customers actually want to make use of the discounts (photo: Juarez Rodrigues / EM / D.A press)

Fecomrcio MG's survey showed that 60% of customers really want to take advantage of the discounts to guarantee gifts for the holiday season. The majority (62.2%) plan to spend the value above R $ 500. Another 24% said they have not yet decided to take advantage of campaigns and are therefore susceptible to trade during the period.

The most sought after items are electronics (34.8%); household appliances (24.6%) and clothing, drafts and accessories (21.7%). In addition to lower prices, one expects to find a variety of brands and products (17.2%), as well as payment (17.2%). Among the entrepreneurs that Fecomrcio MG heard was 35% due to the mega event.

Warning and consumer indebtedness are the factors that can make sales difficult at the time, which corresponds to 81% of the issues that may disturb the business, according to businessmen. The survey consisted of 256 companies, which were held between 11 and 18 October.

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