Tuesday , March 2 2021

3-4 cups of coffee per day fight type 2 diabetes

3-4 cups of coffee per day fight type 2 diabetes

Photo: Reuters archive

Specialists from the Institute for Scientific Information on Coffee delivered a report at the annual meeting of the Diabetes Association in Berlin, which shows that the use of 3-4 cups of the refreshing beverage daily protects against type 2 diabetes, writes Jurikalworth.

Researchers analyzed data from 30 studies related to coffee and metabolic diseases with more than 1 million people.

The daily use of the aromatic beverage in the amounts indicated reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes by 25 percent in both men and women. Even with caffeine-free coffee, this effect is advantageous, informed BTA.

The aromatic beverage has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, it affects the intestinal microflora and promotes burning of fats. The coffee contains a number of useful substances, including caffeine itself, such as caffeic acid, triglyceride and diterpenes which have anti-inflammatory effects.

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