Friday , December 4 2020

AC Milan players beat the bench (VIDEO) – Sports News

Terrible scenes were played on the bench in Milan during the derby with Inter, which was lost by 2: 3. Frank Kessie and Lucas Billy were close to fighting and only the disturbance of other people on the bench prevented a very shameful moment.

Cavalier was replaced with a 1: 3 score in the 69th minute and was visibly nervous. Go to his place, he exchanged responses with Billy and exploded. Cassie even tried to beat his teammates. Injaio Abate, Ricardo Rodriguez and Fabio Borinini have prevented the situation from escalating completely.

"Everything is due to adrenaline in the game, it was a pity I left a game and really wanted to do something more. I brought it to Lucas and it was a mistake I apologized afterwards. He is older than me and I have to learn from him. I'm sorry, "Kessie said after the fight.

Billy explained that the matter is forgotten and everything is fine.

"Frank is aware of what I told him so we clarified the story. We all wanted to win, but it's not something to do in front of everyone. Maybe we had to keep it in the locker room. I apologized to the boys and the coach personally. over our club, it doesn't happen again, "the Argentine said.


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