Wednesday , January 20 2021

Action: Guardians struggle with aggressive relapses at a disco near Plovdiv – BLITZ

Two men took 10 days of arrest after fighting in front of a disco near Plovdiv. The action took place outside the door of the congress door in Yoakim Gruevo, wrote

Two friends who were dressed decided to visit the cult. Even at the door, they were stopped by the security guard who said they were not wanted in the restaurant because they were visibly drunk and a scandal caused and had unpaid bills. But avers searched and settled on a table.

Even with his meeting, a man began to cheat with the bartender and threatened him. "I want to break you, you want to see from now on what problems I want to create," the drunken client said, adding the phrase also unpleasant epithets to his address.

The girl became cold and instead of entering a verbal dispute, pressing the panic button. A patrol of security guards arrived. By seeing the Soviets, the men began to torment and offend the staff and the leader.

The aggressive clients were taken out of the disco and the scandal began before. The men pulled one of the guards and hit the hat on the other. After a while the drunken friends fled.

A signal was also sent to the Ministry of the Interior. Pennants were old acquaintances of the uniformed. They have been convicted, one with 12 judgments.
Friends were detained and brought to justice for the appearance of retail hooliganism.

Because of their many actions, courts sentenced them to a 10-day detention detention.

The decision can be appealed.

The restaurant is known by local people both in Joakim Gruevo and Stamboliiski. The disco was celebrated after the murder of a 25-year-old boy who was beaten. Vassil dies of a heavy brain-traumatic brain injury when he falls and strikes his head over the stairs. He fell when he was kicked by Jordan Ivanov, a local resident with a criminal record.

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