Tuesday , December 1 2020

Azis urged Blago and Zlatka to reveal that … (VIDEO)

Blagoy Georgiev and his beloved Zlatka appeared in cross-examination before … Azis. The singer turned the two to speak long and wide for their relationship. The Star Couple said they were tired of reading daily for themselves, dissatisfied with some of the publications.

Blaga and Zlatka rebuked the speculation that they were separated and showed Azis how happy they were.

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Our former football citizens smoked a waterfall while they answered the folk song's questions.

Part of their conversation:

Azis: Something happens tonight, something very nice, I hope. Guest coto someone who knows everyone around the world. He is alone and why he is alone, hoping to share with us.

Good: I'm alone because … because Zlatka was at the toilet.

Zlatka: We are still in close contact with each other, from morning to evening.

Good: You're already sick! And without interviewing, we read every day about everything.

Zlatka: My phobia is the mice, I'm most afraid of it. If you ask who throws the waste, just to see something like that. I'm done with reality formats. I have existed now and there is nowhere to go.

Good: You're ready to love everything and love yourself.

Zlatka: We are both these years, of such a mature age, where the word dew should not exist. I think it's stupid to fall in love with the wrong person.

Azis asked them what they believed in jealousy:

Zlatka: Before I met him, I thought jealous was for the weak people that someone was better than me, it was humiliation for me. I didn't want such thoughts to invade my life. Now with Blag I feel these feelings.

Good: Jealousy, the word jealousy itself is not good. In my opinion, you cannot be jealous if you like it.

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