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Barcelona and Real will decide everything in Madrid – Football World – Spain

Barcelona and Real Madrid finished 1: 1 in the first semifinal in the King's Cup, played at the Camp Nou. "Kings" took the lead with Lucas Vasquez as 6th minute. Malcom settled for Barcelona in the 57th minute. The two teams will resolve their dispute with the Santiago Bernabeu on January 27.

Barcelona star Lionel Messi started the match on the bench and appeared in the match in the second half.

Real Madrid had the lead in the opening minutes, which led to the outcome of the "kings".

Still for 5 minutes, Tony Kroos made a very dangerous blow, but Marc-André ter Stegen was cautious and rescued.

Real Madrid took the lead in the 6th minute. Vinicius Junior is centered in Barcelona's boxing field and the ball came to Karim Benzema, who immediately dropped to Lucas Vasquez, and he sent the ball to Ter Stegen's door.

Real Madrid played a very dangerous contrast in the 13th minute when Viniscius and Karim Benzema were alone against Gerard Pique, but the Brazilians acted very individually and his shot was blocked by Barcelona's defender.

Malcom came alone against Keylour Navas in the 20th minute, but the Brazilian made a small blow, which is reflected by the Costa Rica goalkeeper.

Malmö took the lead after Real Madrid's penalty kick 27 minutes into the game, but Gerard Pique fired the ball right into the keeper's arms.

Malmom's right side was sent in the field in Real Madrid in the 32nd minute, after which Ivan Rakictic passed the ball, but the ball hit the bar.

Barcelona made another very serious pass in the 35th minute. Malmö handed over to Luis Suarez, who made a very nice shot and sent the ball to the right of the Real Madrid door, but Kayor Navas slipped and managed to save.

Philippe Coettinho made a nice rush in the 53 minute, but was eventually stopped by Kayor Navas.

Barcelona is settled in 57 minutes. A long extraction pass was sent to Jordi Alba, but Kayor Navas came out and managed to overcome him and knock the ball. She hit Luis Suarez, who immediately shoots towards the empty door, but the ball met the right pillar. Malcolm then mastered and managed to score the ball after the third attempt at Real Madrid door to 1: 1.

Philippe Kouttinho made a nice rush in the 62 minute, but was eventually stopped by Kayor Navas.

Lionel Messi appeared on cue near the post, and Philippe Coettinho took his place on the field 63 minutes into the game.

Marcos Yornete was injured and was replaced by Casemiro 63 minutes into the game. Gareth Bale instead of Vinisius Junior.

Casemiro lost the ball to Lionel Messi in the 69th minute, after which Lucas Vasquez fired the Argentine football player. There was nothing dangerous about Keillor Nava's door from error.

Mark-André ter Stegen left the field with a smile on his face as he was substituted 82 minutes into the game, as his team was in the lead. The ball fell to Karim Benzema, who combined with Gareth Bale, but his shot was blocked by Nelson Semedo and the ball hit the corner.

Tony Kroos in the penalty area in Barcelona's penalty area in the 85th minute when Rafael Varan shot his head but away from the keeper Mark-Andre Ter Stegen.

Santiago Bernabeu's rematch is February 27 at 22.

Barcelona – Real Madrid 1: 1

0: 1 Lucas Vasquez 6 & # 39;

1: 1 Not at all 57 & # 39;

Barcelona: Marc-André Ter Stegen – Nelson Semedo, Gerard Picke, Clemann Langley, Jordi Alba – Ivan Rakitic, Sergio Buscakes, Arthur – Malcom, Luis Suarez, Philippe Coettinho

Real Madrid: Keelor ​​Navas – Daniel Carvahal, Sergio Ramos, Rafael Varan, Marcello – Marcos Iorrete, Luca Modric, Tony Kroos – Lucas Vasquez, Karim Benzema and Vinicius Juniors.

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