Monday , November 30 2020

Bulgari goalkeeper makes furor in Sweden – Soccer world – Others

The former goalkeeper of Levski, Botev Plovdiv and Botev Vratsa Mihail Ivanov were waiting for his star moment in Sweden. Hans Eshilstuna was a sensational winner of the national cup final after winning AIK Stockholm.

Ivanov's team was a guest, yet managed to finish 1: 1 in regular time and extra time. In the penalty shootout, the moment came with Misho Ivanov, who stopped three times AIK players shocked in the Arena Arena. "

The grand master of the Swedish capital is the current champion, but despite his class failed to cope with Ivanov's opposition and business. In the new season beginning at the end of the month, the Eshilstuna will play in the elite because he has won the playoffs for a place there.

In the Cup Final, the team of Mikhail Ivanov will score strength with Haken. The duel will take place on May 30th.

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