Saturday , November 28 2020

Choice of Megan Marcus: Revolution in the Royal Family

Millions of hearts and hopes crashed on May 19, 2018, when Princess Harry, Princess Diana's youngest son and Prince Charles, married Megan Mark's American beauties.

Ever since they were born, Harry and his brother William have been declared the most sought after bachelors in Europe, let alone worldwide.

So it was very interesting for anyone who would be the two lucky ones who would take their hearts. And while Williams Choir, Kate Middleton, is the perfect choice for a princess, Megan's standards are just the opposite.

When Harry announced his commitment, many were amazed at his choices and even called it revolutionary. The reasons for this are three – Megan is a stranger, black and divorced.

And while these three factors are really significant, we wouldn't call them revolutionary. Yes, Megan is American, but when she marries Harry, she becomes a British citizen. It is currently unclear whether the new Duchess has chosen to preserve his US citizenship. Not only that, but to marry Harry, she also changed her religion and was already a member of the Anglican Church.

The other important factor – her race. The British royal family has for centuries been exclusive aristocrats, and therefore the princess with a slightly different skin color is unusual. Yes, but let's not forget that times are changing and the tolerance between races is growing. So the royal family is modernizing, but it does not make extreme radical changes.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, 1997, Photo: Reuters

The fact that Megan is divorced is probably the most significant of all in light of the recent history of the royal family. Queen Elizabeth's uncle abdicated from the throne to be with his beloved, divorced Walsh Simpson. This happened in 1936. Later, Queen Elizabeth was forced to ban his sister, Princess Margaret, to marry her beloved Peter Townsend again because he was divorced, and it was against the rules of the church and would have borne the crown. But the queen now allows the marriage of Megan and Harry. That is the only reason why we would call this marriage a revolutionary one.

Queen Elizabeth II and her sister, Princess Margaret, 1993, Photo: Reuters

But let's not forget that it is unlikely, even if impossible, that Harry ever becomes a king. He is sixth in the rank of his father, his brother and his three nephews. So, although Harry and Megan are the top notes all over the world, their marriage is not as important to the history and future of the British monarchy.

Considering that, it's not hard to understand why the Queen gives her consent – she's not just a queen but also a grandmother who wants her grandson's happiness. And yes, Megan's choice for the prince's wife is unconventional, but some would even expect the monk's "crazy child" as it is often called Prince Harry.

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