Saturday , May 15 2021

Choreographer Anghelin Prejudokaz poses for "arabesque"

The famous Frenchman makes the show "Nights"

In the music theater
15 and 23 November and 5 December

For the first time, the world-renowned choreographer Angelyn Preljakak makes a show with a Bulgarian troupe. He and Arabesque Ballet will delight the fans of this art in a few days. The prize will be played three times – it will be 15 and 23 November and 5 December at the Musical Theater.
Angelique Praljokage, one of the biggest names of contemporary dance scene, will be featured by the Arabesque ballet with a fragment from his NESTS spectacle.
"Nights" is a spectacle where dialogue between East and West has a key position. It is a modern sensual-erotic interpretation of Arabian Nights, where Sheherazade is described as "one of the earliest feminists in the East" according to the definition of the prediction. "There is so much sexuality and eroticism in these stories that I wanted to use in my job," says the choreographer. "I want to explore Eastern cultures where bodies become symbols – a calligraphy of emotions and mood." There is still mystery and charm in the east that affects our collective subconscious, says Prelude.
The purpose of Prelude is to use the dance to illustrate the sensual aspects of Arab culture. He uses idealized and mysterious concepts in the Middle East in the Western culture of the nineteenth century. Scenario can cause associations with the paintings of Delacroix and Eng. The choreography is presented with the original costumes and decor that will be delivered especially by France. Nights are set to celebrate Marseille as Europe's Capital of Culture in 2013. Critics around the world have recognized the ballet Angelique Prolighter, calling it fascinating and seductive. The performance was featured in the United States, including the Lincoln Center in New York, Israel, Africa and a number of European countries.

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