Wednesday , November 25 2020

Clear matches in the first six in Razgrad will cook and cook in early April

The Black Sea failed to defeat the Danube (1: 1), but Beroe replaced Beroe in fifth place after the end of the regular season in the First League. Stara Zagora remains the sixth, with the playoffs program already clear. In them, master Ludogorets starts with 5 points more than the other CSKA. The third Levski is behind the 8 eagles.

The fourth Botev (Plovdiv) is the first rival for the "blue". CSKA will host the Black Sea, and Ludogorec will accept Beroe. The first round of the playoffs will be played after the break in the national team championship on March 30. The Sports and Technical Commission for BFU is scheduled to announce the exact dates and times of the matches.

It is clear and when will the two eternal derbies between CSKA and Levski. The first match of the "blue" and "red" of the playoffs will be in the 30th round (20/21 April) and the 25th-25th. Or May 26th.

It is also very interesting to be in early April, when CSKA and Ludogorets meet twice in a few days. First is the 1/4 final for the Bulgarian Cup in Razgrad – April 2 or 3rd (Tuesday or Wednesday), after which the champions will again accept the "army" but for the championship on 6 or 7 April.

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We recall that the first to sixth place in the regular season constitutes the first sixth and plays with each other in exchange for a visit. The winner of the first six wins the championship title. The other candidate qualifies for the Europa League tournament. The third in the ranking of the first six will participate in the playoffs to enter the Europa League tournament against a rival from the second eight taking the seventh place.

Ranking after the regular season:

* Note: Not only the Slavia-Etar meeting is included.


27th round (30/31 March)
Ludogorets – Beru
CSKA – Black Sea
Levski – Botev (Plovdiv)

28th round (6/7 April)
Beroe – Botev (Plovdiv)
Black Sea – Levski
Ludogorets – CSKA

29th round (April 13-14)
CSKA – Beroe
Levski – Ludogorets
Botev (Plovdiv) – Black Sea

30th round (20/21 April)
Beroe – Black Sea
Ludogorets – Botev (Plovdiv)
CSKA – Levski

31th round (April 27/28)
– Levski
Botev (Plovdiv) – CSKA
Black Sea – Ludogorets

32 round (May 4/5)
Beroe – Ludogorets
Black Sea – CSKA
Botev (Plovdiv) – Levski

33 round (May 11/12)
Botev (Plovdiv) – Suffering
Levski – Black Sea
CSKA – Ludogorets

34 round (May 18/19)
Beroe – CSKA
Ludogorets – Levski
Black Sea – Botev (Plovdiv)

35 round (May 25/26)
Black Sea – Beroe
Botev (Plovdiv) – Ludogorets
Levski – CSKA

36 round (May 29/30)
Beroe – Levski –
CSKA – Botev (Plovdiv)
Ludogorets – Black Sea


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