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Count on two concerts in Hall 1 of the National Palace of Culture

Count is playing his latest video in India.

The singer will perform his own

popular hits and

your newest paragraph "Fire"

27 and 28 November

In a few days – 27 and 28 November, Vladi Ampov-Grafa will make two concerts in Hall 1 of the National Palace of Culture.

For one and a half years, he filled Arena Armeec, and the show he had prepared for his fans was no different than the world stars. "It's a challenge to do something else,

it's hard to get


such a concert "

says Count for the new project he is preparing. Not only visually, but also in the music-related event on two consecutive days it will be different than last year. The new set list will bring as many of his popular hits as he does not present in Arena Armeec. Among them are Seven Lakes, Hope, Quarter Gentlemen, Artificial Element. It will contain a cover of a song that Count wrote about Maria Ilieva – "You come to me".

For the first time, the audience will hear live their newest single "Fire".

He came out a few days ago and for the film of the video, the singer traveled all the way to India together with director Bashmouchon. The whole show lasts for just two hours.

"I decided to make the events in Hall 1 of the National Palace of Culture and some form of nostalgia. It was my first big independent concert in a hall that was in 2006. Then I went back to it many times again, but after Arena Armeec I would do something special, says Vladi Ampov-Grafa.

The program, which will see the Sofia audience, is


in Plovdiv,

Varna and Burgas

this summer. In fact, the singer and his team decide to make these concerts after they have dates for Sofia announced a few months ago. In any case, the Count has a large group of musicians. With him on stage, Krasi Todorov – piano, Miro Ivanov and Vassil Krumov – guitars, Borislav Boyadjiev drums, Alexander Obretenov bass, Ventsi Trifonov brass and LaTiDa backgammon.

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