Friday , May 14 2021

Dishan: I know Dembele's number – Sports news

French farmer Didier Deschan is not surprised at the conduct of Usman Dembele. Barcelona's stunts stayed in the Catalunya group on Sunday after not going on Thursday and did not lift the phone for one and a half hours. "I know his excuses when he's late," Deschan told a press conference at Cocks Camp.

"Uthman has something like a habit late. In my defense, I'm sure he'll say," I'm not the only one. "Whether he is in his club, whether he is in the national team, he must be more focused on the things that are part of the life of a high-level professional. I do not lose hope that he will realize all these aspects. These are situations that can be repeated. How much faster to get rid of these habits, the better for Everyone, says Dheshan.

Dembel's personal agent, Musa Sisoko, defended his client. "Yes, Dembele signaled late, but he said he was ill and therefore not trained. Usman does not react badly to criticism. He knows how to ignore them when they are deep. He started the season in a good way and has six goals and two helps. I do not understand all these criticisms, "said Sisoko.


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