Tuesday , November 24 2020

Everton – Manchester City, 0: 2 (minutes progress)

90 + 9 & # 39;

tournament: England Premier League

90 + 9 & # 39;


Manchester City beat Everton 2-0 as a guest

City beat Liverpool from first place in the Premier League after a dull victory over Everton

Laporte and Jeus brought important three points to "citizens"

90 + 8 & # 39;

GOOOOL! Gabriel Jews doubled to Manchester City – 2-0.

90 + 3 & # 39;
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90 & # 39;

There will be seven minutes added to the normal 90.

89 & # 39;

De Moree replaced David Silva

82 & # 39;

Yellow card for Zuma

80 & # 39;

Ten Walcott rumors his place on Toson

79 & # 39;

Sergiu Aguero was replaced by Jews

73 & # 39;

Yellow card for Fernandinho

73 & # 39;

Richardson enters Bernard's place

68 & # 39;

РИКОШЕТ !!! Guy was wrong in clearing the ball and she fell into David Silva, but he could not shoot, and the ball went to Stirling, who immediately exploited, but Everton's defender stood in the way of the ball and she went into the corner.

64 & # 39;

Sigurdsson appears instead of Gomes

62 & # 39;

Tio Walcott advanced in the field and decided to shoot directly at the door, but his shot was hit the ball straight into the hand of Ederson & # 39; s hand.

59 & # 39;

Sane was replaced by Stirling

58 & # 39;

FREE OF CHARGE! After a very poor pick-up from Pickford, the ball dropped into Aguero, who with a good backpack tried to roll, but the ball passed the door and went out.

51 & # 39;

Everything is okay with both of them and the game continues.

50 & # 39;

The meeting was temporarily suspended when Walcott received medical attention after a clash with Laporte, who also had a problem.

45 & # 39;

Home and second part!

45 + 3 & # 39;

End of the first half! Manchester City retired with a goalless advance to Everton – 1: 0.

45 + 2 & # 39;

GOOOOL! Laport put Manchester City in front of goal – 1: 0. The football player got the ball in the air with a head in the penalty area after centering and left no chances for Pickford and sent the ball to the far corner.

29 & # 39;

CLEANING !!! The caramels made a very good multi-task attack, ending with Bernard, who retired by Kyle Walker, and the ball went into the corner.

19 & # 39;

GREDA !!! Fernandino centers from the center to Sane, who was in the penalty box, and he immediately combines with David Silva in the attack. The Spaniard did not have a good shot to shoot and decided to hand over to Sergio Aguero, who was on his way to the pennant. The "citizen" star fired directly from the movement, but shook the crossbar.

16 & # 39;

FREE OF CHARGE! The caramel defense cracked when a corner kick was made and made Laporte play with the ball in the small penalty kick and Pickford literally hung to hit him. For his luck, the ball passed the side post.

3 & # 39;

FREE OF CHARGE! Leroy Sane caught the ball after concentrating on the corner of Gundogan and sent a thick, strong kick to her door but she slipped the inch out of the goal and went out.

1 & # 39;


In the evening at 21:45, Manchester City visits Everton in a draw from the Premier League.

So "citizens" will have the opportunity to move Liverpool from the top spot after "Merseyside" allowed two draws and failed to draw more points at the top.

Bernardo Silva: We have two very difficult games with Everton and Chelsea

Silva: Two very difficult games come with Everton and Chelsea

"The atmosphere in the changing room is excellent"

Pep Guardiola can't rely on Compani, Bravo and Mendy, and their job at Goodison Park won't be easy. "The Heavenlys" made a surprising loss from Newcastle, but then they did not face any difficulties against Arsenal and expected to be very impressed tonight and not make a new mistake.

"Caramelles" is in ninth position in the Premier League, and must not try to support their city "fellow" Liverpool on their way to the title, defeating City. Out of the meeting are Mina, Bains and Phil Jagelka.

Josep Guardiola: The goal difference can determine the Premier League champion

Josep Guardiola: The goal difference can determine the Premier League champion

"The title will be decided in the last two rounds"

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