Tuesday , November 24 2020

Everton pulled Chelsea to the top 4 by 2: 0

Everton stumbled on Chelsea on the way to Top 4 after beating Blue 2-0 at his Goodison Park.

Goal after pause helped the caramels stop their series of six consecutive games without winning over Londoners and 12 consecutive battles against the big six teams.

Chelsea had some good first-hand situations, but missed them and remained 57 points in sixth place as they did not settle for 4. Arsenal. Everton improved his asset to 40 points and was 11.

For the hosts, Jersey Mina came in instead of Kurt Zuma, who was not allowed to play. Shaulus Coleman also came back and Tio Walcott was on the bench. For the Londoners, Ross Barkley and Marcos Alonso started instead of Kovacic and Emerson.

The guests started actively, and in the sixth minute Azar made Pickford save his strike. Shortly after, the Belgian ball sent the ball into the bar, and seconds later Iguaine hit behind the defense and kicked a little but the ball went behind the Everton goalkeeper's back, but Michael Keane managed to run and knock out in front of the goal. These were critical situations, but the candies survived.

Chelsea continued to dominate before Calvert-Lewin tried a blow to the hosts but over the door. Blues again created a danger, but George's shot after a double with Iguaine was captured by Pickford.

In the next few minutes, Merseyside had a good fight and they did not allow any serious situations at the door. With 36 minutes played, the visitors broke through on the right after some poor defending.

At the end of the first half, Pedro scored a shot under the post when David Lewis was knocked out, but the shot was canceled for ambush and eventually paused at 0: 0.

Immediately afterwards, Caramels played quite differently. Calvert-Lewin centers dangerously, but Bernard has failed to detect. Other Gomez made Kepa knock out his dangerous battles before Everton led.

After the corner, Calvert-Luiin hit David Lewis in the air and shot, Kepa knocked out, but Richardson reacted as soon as possible and scored close enough to put Chelsea in a very heavy position.

The guests reacted with a diagonal blow to Alonso, but he went out. At the same time, the hosts were still dangerous and Calvert-Lewin missed the ball to the door.

The fight became more and more interesting, and Iguaine fired half time, but Pickford responded appropriately and slaughtered. Maurizio Sari made two shifts to Chelsea, but in the 71st minute Londoners fired a penalty. Alonso didn't come to the ball and Richard used the switch and fell. Gilfi Sigurdson did not do well, and Kepa knocked out, but the ball returned to the island, which did not fail the add-on.

This breaks the guests, and Tio Walcott could have made the classic success after failing to shoot well. Pickford managed a Hudson-Odoy stroke and in that extra time Guru could not find the net with his head, which was all the guests did to the end and expected to lose.

Everton – Chelsea 2: 0

1: 0 Riccarloson 49

2: 0 Sigurdsson 72

Everton: Pickford, Coleman, Keane, Mina, Din, Gay, Gomez (67 Schneider), Ricardlison, Bernard (78 Walcott), Sigurdsson (85 Davis)

Chelsea: Kepa, Aspilquita, Rundegger, Luis, Alonso, Kante, Jorginio (74 Hudson-Odoy), Barkley (65 Loftus-Chik), Pedro, Azar,

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