Saturday , February 27 2021

Federer holds chances in London with an elegant success over Team – Tennis – Men

World tennis legend Roger Federer has kept all chances of continuing in the last ATP tournament in London. The Swiss confronted Dominique Team in two sets for just over an hour.

He exceeded 6: 2, 6: 3 and wiped out the unpleasant impression of Kai Nishikori's first loss of time. He also ended the loss series from the top 10 tennis players. His last victory over such an opponent was at the Rotterdam finals in February, and then Grigor Dimitrov fell to the victim.

Maestro started inspiring matches and even in the first game it could break, but the Austrian was saved. Federer, however, got his second chance in the third game and this time he was flawless. He solidified the breakthrough and then came to another at 5: 2, leading to his success in the set. The Swiss quickly closed him at his service and after 6: 2 he led by 1: 0.

The other part also started a whirlwind for him. He broke into the first game, and at the end of the match he was unbeatable at his service, which broke the Team. However, the Austrian saved another break in the fifth game before losing himself to the ninth, when Federer again got two matches, realized the other and after 6: 3, he congratulated the final success.

After this defeat, Maestro's asset is a profit and a loss, as is the second place, Kai Nishikori. Leader Kevin Anderson with two successes in two matches and Team has no victory yet.

However, the final round program predicts a huge drama in some excursions. The roulette can both throw away Anderson and rate the last team. Everything will be resolved in South African conflicts with Federer and the Austrian with Nishikori.

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