Tuesday , April 20 2021

From Barça to PSG: You wrote off Neymar! Its price dropped to 160 million euros

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The introduction of Neymar in Barcelona was supposed to happen today, but a misunderstanding between the Catalans and the PSG leads to a delay.

According to Sport newspaper, the major problem lies in the serious discrepancies in the evaluation of karyok. PSG wants 222 million euros to pay for it in the summer of 2017. However, the Blaugranas said the player was already written off and worth no more than € 160 million.

In addition, Camp Nou football players Filipe Coutinho and Ivan Rakitic have estimated the "princes" at 120 million euros. And the French master has asked for an extra payment of 100 million euros.

However, the Spanish colossus offered another 40 million euros, prompting PSG bosses to ask for another footballer to play the role of a coin – Osman Dembele. He had to replace Rakitic in the pack with Coutinho.

At least at the moment, Barca doesn't want to divorce Dembele, who is still very young and has nowhere to grow. Ivan Rakitic does not want to leave Spain for the sake of his family.

Negotiations between the two clubs are continuing and indications are that there will be an agreement. The bosses have already found a common language, it is PSG's desire to finally lose its roaring star will tilt the scales toward Neymar's return to the Catalan capital.

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