Thursday , April 22 2021

Griso's close friends stand against Nicol's conditions – Curious – News about lifestyle, style, dietary habits, fashion

Grigor Dimitrov is exposed to a violent psychological attack by friends and relatives. The reason is that the star's family does not approve of his relationship with singer Nicole Scherzinger.

Recently, the two were defeated by a short break, but the sparkles were flaming, and both the Bulgarians and Americans gathered again – this time in Los Angeles.

Grisho's close friends are firmly convinced that the main reason for his failure in court is the singer.
"We first suggested him, so we told him directly to leave Nicole. It's like a leech that leaves it without signs and psyche." And understand without a sign and a psyche, progress is unthinkable, "friends of our first rocket said Blic.

Against his relationship with Nicole, his father is Dimitar. But he could not have completed his conversations with his son. But he often suggested to him that the Americans were exhausted and it was good to change something.

"Nicole is already 40 years old. He hardly thinks about children and family. She loves her lifestyle – coupons, tours, sex and adrenaline to the max. But these things are up to date. It's good for Grigor to really think of a sharp turn in another direction, "philosophically conclude his relatives.

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