Thursday , February 25 2021

International team involved in the new Graffa concert on 27 and 28 November – BLISTER

More than a year ago, the Grafa fans scattered Arena Armeec in the seams, and weeks after the concert, they shared pictures and videos on social networks in anticipation of the next appearance of Vladi Ampov. At the end of last year, Monte Music announced that the next concert of the Count was November 27th, but shortly after that, a second date was released for sale (November 28) due to the great interest.

Close to the artist they say that the great success and fame caused him not to forget, but on the contrary, he immediately began to think about his new program. Grafa, Borislav Boyadjiev, Krasi Todorov, Miroslav Ivanov, Ventsi Trifonov, Alexander Obretenov, Vassil Krumov and LaTiDa began working on the musical part. The concert contains his current songs and his biggest hits. On the stage of the Cultural Palace, for the first time, the new single of the Count of Fire is presented.

The plan for the concert's vision is developed by his team and includes a new multimedia set, much of which has been done in Italy.

Ticket prices for Graffa concerts start at $ 30 and the most expensive are 50 live. The youngest children get free and those between 7 and 14 pay half. Monte says there are still tickets for sale at the event.

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