Wednesday , January 20 2021

Krassimir Kanev admitted that BHC is an oracle with an NGO from Stolipinovo trying to return to the Voyages of Vojvodinovo – BLITZ

Voivodinovo carried out ethnic cleansing. This was made by the chairman of the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee, Krassimir Kanev, on bTV.

"To treat these people as objects is ultimately a dehumanization," he said. It is extremely absurd to look for guilt in these people, says the human rights activist. According to him, the Gypsies from Vojvodinovo were victims because they lived for a month in poor conditions with their relatives in Stolipinovo. Kanev said that in the head of the group of gypsies trying to return to their still uninhabited home in the village on Saturday, there was no BHC person.

Meanwhile, Vojvodinov's mayor said that a man had represented himself as such a representative of BHC and accused that before the advent of human rights defenders, who brought the Roma with cars, the village was calm. The Gypsies also had an English-speaking journalist, as well as a woman who was pregnant with her seventh child.

According to Krassimir Kanev's acknowledgment, BHC works with NGOs from Stolipinovo and helps them so it does not deny that drivers have been partners. And the existence of the stranger was logical because foreign journalists were very interested in the matter.

Asked if he knows where the money for the integration of the non-governmental sector goes, Krassimir Kanev said: "I do not know what the money is spent on, I know a group of more than 100 people who were exposed in the middle of the winter." These people need help, the BHC added, pointing out that they were seeking support from all the institutions, but they were not aware.

The mayor of Vojvodinovo disagreed with Krassimir Kanev's words and pointed out that there are other extremely needy people who are not Roma. He is concerned that returning gypsies have broken down demolition papers, which are official documents.

The court has not yet decided on the impending demolition of the other buildings after having had 17 appeals.

The Gypsies were expelled from Vojvodinovo in early January after a protest by local residents evoked by the brutal blow of a serviceman of local Roma. It turned out that all the houses in the municipal area were illegally lifted, so the authorities down some of the most dangerous buildings and issued prescriptions for the rest.


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