Wednesday , October 20 2021

Liverpool plays for a trophy, not a record


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The trophies define successful seasons, says Giorgio Wainlindoum in an interview with the club's Liverpool club. The reds give a very strong start to the year and are close to the top of the English championship, but it is unlikely that it is important in May if Liverpool does not win a bigger tournament again.

Merseyside is second in the league after 12 matches with 30 points and is behind two of Manchester City's last year's champions. This is the best start for the Liverpool season in club history, and overall success for Reds can be explained by a solid defense because the team has only allowed five goals. As much as Manchester City.

Wainlunddou still wants Liverpool, who has not won the title since 1990 and won the trophy for the last time in 2012, to make this statistic a visible success.

"It's good to hear such things but we do not play for the statistics, but to win matches and at the end of the season to be a trophy we do not allow goals and it's good for it to help win the matches and there are also luck factor, "he said in an interview with the club's website.

"Statistics show that we have qualities in defense, and this is especially true for home matches, and we want to continue playing this and make the series longer," added the Dutch.

"Virgil made a big difference compared to last year's defense because he is a very strong football player and he is also quite tall, he is another player who is doing well in static situations." Virgil is the leader in the defensive line and this helps the whole team, "he concluded.

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