Wednesday , July 28 2021

Netflix is ​​ready for the contest of Disney Plus :: video streaming service

Netflix is ​​ready for the contest of Disney Plus video streaming

Photo: Reuters

Netflix CEO Netflix Reed Hastings commented that he is looking forward to confronting Disney, which will launch its online Disney Plus streaming service next year, Bloomberg TV Bulgaria, cites information from the BBC.

"We have been competing with Amazon for over 10 years. We are used to strong, serious competition," said Hastings, adding: "It actually makes us better."

According to him, competition between companies will lead to their best work.

"Disney has as much content as Star Wars and Marvel." The competition is going well, says the director.

Hastings identified Disney as a "good" company, and the results she announced on Thursday was record high.

But the service that the company is launching is now known as the "Netflix Assassin" and is believed to result in losses for both Netflix and Amazon.

Netflix, which has more than 130 million paid users in over 190 countries, is considering plans to invest in increasing its subscriber numbers in Asia.

On Thursday, the company announced that it was to create 17 new programs there. A particularly big market for that on the continent is India, and as "hard" pointed out Hastings development of the Chinese market.

He explained that there is a need for a state license to produce content in the country, and the company is unlikely to get one, given that Apple and Disney's movie services were discontinued in China about two years ago.

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