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Rosen Zhelyazkov will decide on departures from the BDZ administration after a review (OBZOR)

November 15, 2018 | 04:04 | FOCUS News Agency

Photo: Government Authority for Electronic Governance Ros Zhelyazkov will decide on departures from BDZ management after the audit (OBZOR)

Rosen Zhelyazkov will decide on departures from the BDZ administration after a review (OBZOR) Photo: State authority for electronic control

Sofia. On November 8, the Executive Director of Holding BDZ Vladimir Vladimirov, CFO of Philip Alexiev, and Velik Zanchev, Chairman of the Board, Deputy Minister for Transport, Minister of Transport, Rosen Zhelyazkov, Minister of Transport, Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communication on Rail Situations, presented the Minister. He announced that he would decide on the resignation of the BDZ leadership following the report of the Ministry of Transport Transport at BDZ "Passenger Transport". Zhelyazkov predicts that this will happen at the end of the month. In the Minister's word, this review will be the basis for exceptions or non-responsibility. "There have been many speculations. I want to derive the question of who would be next CEO or next board member in Holding. There is no nomination right now, because there is no judgment on the issue. Release is a question and function of the audit said Minister. In the case of the director of BDZ "Passenger Transport" Plamen Pesharov, the minister explained that possession of all documents is not satisfied with his work and very clear and definitely must be declared within the current mandate. Minister Zhelyazkov spoke about the restructuring of BDZ and pointed out long time since BDZ had no reason to hold the holding structure. He said that it was his personal opinion and allowed the decision to be taken after a serious analysis. However, the government must have a direct commitment. The minister expressed concern that there is a prerequisite for insecure BDZ's main activity and to break the schedule because he is too ambitious for the state of the park. Rossen Zhelyazkov provided information to the Commission on rolling stock permits. He stated that on September 30, BDZ had "Passenger Transport" 289 local train trains, 95 of which are isolated and 42 are in different types of repairs. The minister stated that 30 electric electric trains are in operation and the passenger car has 726 passenger buses. It became clear that 414 of them were out of order. Rossen Zhelyazkov added that there is also a delay in public procurement in connection with the provision of the company's repair work. "As the BDZ front says – nothing new," said the minister.

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