Monday , November 30 2020

The Mediterranean Cyclone Breaks The Weather Throughout The Country! Worry can hardly be – BLISTER

After spring temperatures in the last few days we expect cooling, but the winter will not return. This shows medium-term weather.

Synoptic Boryana Markova announced super news for Bulgaria

Today Cloudiness will be significant and many places will have low rainfall. Atmospheric pressure is higher than the average for the month, and in the afternoon it will still increase. With cold to moderate northern winds, cold air will flow. With the fall in temperatures, at the end of the day and at night on Thursday, the rain in the Pre-Balkans and the high fields in western Bulgaria will pass into the snow. Maximum temperatures will be between 4 ° and 9 °. This was announced by Boryana Markova, watchmaker at the Department of Meteorology and Hydrology (NIMH).

Across the Black Sea cloudy weather will prevail with precipitation, more important in places on the south coast. It will blow moderately, temporarily to a strong north wind. The air temperatures fall, the maximum will be between 5 ° and 8 °. The sea water temperature is approx. 7 °. The tension at the sea will be 3-4 bales.

Over the mountains it gets cloudy, the fog and snow falls below 1000 meters – a light rain. In the evening and in the lower parts, the rain goes down in snow. It will blow moderately to strong east-northeast wind, with the temperatures falling. The maximum height of 1200 meters will be approx. 2 °, 2000 meters – approx. minus 4 °.

Mediterranean cyclone will cause precipitation in the plains and snow in the mountains today and tomorrow. rain However, it is not expected to be significant and will pass relatively quickly, e.g. until the end of the day on Thursday They will stop everywhere.

Cloudy with snow can exist in some regions of northern Bulgaria, forebalkan and in the western fields as well as in the northeast. Daily temperatures will be over zero and snow cover will probably not form.

After the cold Thursday and Friday, from Saturday, and especially on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, waiting again warmly on us for february time. Daily temperatures will again rise in places – mainly in the plains of southern Bulgaria it is possible to reach 14-16 degrees.

In the middle of next week it will shake again daytime temperatures will return to more normal in February but will be above zero throughout the day.

Then they are possible new clouds of rain and snow. And they will not be a prerequisite for a severe worsening of the weather with a typical winter setting.

What is the time for days and hours can be seen in the BLIT box where we inform you in real time about the climate conditions in the country

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