Tuesday , October 19 2021

The mother of the alleged killer from Sotir, Bulgaria, spoke


M The story of a suspect for raping and killing a 7-year-old girl in Sliven village of Sotirya Martin Trifonov – Stoyanka Stoyanova spoke in front of a NOVA camera.

"My son is innocent, he hid from the police for fear".

said parking. According to her, she knew of the rape and killing of the child.

Girl at 7 raped and killed

Martin's mother helped him collect his luggage before fleeing into the woods over the village of Sotiri, claiming her son was innocent.

Martin Trifonov is in the hospital under heavy police surveillance. He is expected to face three charges: harassment of a minor, rape of a minor, and murder of a particularly violent and tortured manner by a minor.

This is not the first allegation of lewdness brought by prosecutors to Martin Trifonov.

He was sentenced on that charge in Burgas prison. According to unofficial information, he was sexually abused there.

Mayor Stefan Radev announced

August 19, Monday, for grief day in Sliven municipality

about the tragic death of seven-year-old Christine Georgieva. This was announced by the municipality's press center.

Radev expresses deep condolences to the child's family and reaffirms his willingness to provide the financial, psychological and any other support he needs. The municipality has committed to the family to cover the funeral costs, which will be next week

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