Wednesday , July 28 2021

US company is preparing to start a road truck in Europe ::

A US company is preparing to start a tow truck in Europe

Photo: Reuters

The American company Nikola will offer its new hydrogen-powered truck model on European markets, reports

Until recently, it was considered to be anxious to prepare its production exclusively for the US market, but Nikola is now expected to go to European level.

The company already shows its One and Two models, which it intends to compete with the Tesla technology leader in this area.

At the moment, the third model of Nikola, whose name is Tre (3rd in Norwegian), is still just a project, with a cabin without a long cover and an extra bed.

The machine's construction is subordinate flow, with outer mirrors replaced by cameras.

The entire back piece, including the wheels, is covered with aerodynamic panels.

The energy generated by chemical reactions charges the batteries from which it passes to the electric motor. It is expected that Three will offer two versions of the transmission – 6×2 and 6×4, and the total power will be between 500 and 1000 hp.

The machine's mileage is estimated at 1200 km.

At present, it is known that the company will not be able to cope with the plan that the three trucks will enter the 2020-2021 market. Therefore, the deadline for the emergence of the machines is delayed until 2022-2023.

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