Wednesday , November 25 2020

Village of Dolno Uyno has dried – News from Bulgaria

The village of Dolno Uyno has dried up. A signal to Nova TV was filed by the sole resident of the village.

"From the water supply – Kyustendil told us that there will be no water, since revenue is less than revenue. They directly stated that for two or three people would not get rid of water. Therefore, we had to gather a population. pay our water, they are obliged to give it to us, "a resident of the village said.

The water and sewer system in Kyustendil has explained that the pump motor is currently being repaired. They assure that by the end of the week he will be rewound. The company said they did not have an extra pump because the model is very old.

Village residents are forced to source water from the nearby village of Gorno Wyno.


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