Friday , December 4 2020

2 men shot dead at Winnipeg nightspot

Two men have died after being shot down inside a popular late night restaurant and pub in downtown Winnipeg.

Police were called to Johnny Gs – on the main street between York Avenue and Broadway – around noon. 13:30 CT Wednesday and found the men suffering from gunfire.

They were rushed to the hospital in serious condition, but died shortly afterwards. Police said there is no threat to the public, but did not say why or provide additional information about the incident.

Investigators from the police service's identification unit are inside the company, which is surrounded by yellow cautionary bands.

The police say two men were rushed to the hospital in severe condition with firearms and died as a result of their injuries. (Lyzaville Sale / CBC)

The double murder comes almost exactly six years after another gunfire on Johnny G & # 39; s, open until 11:00. 4 every day of the week and is a go-stop for the bar after the bar.

William Moar, a 24-year-old member of a known urban court, was shot just before 2:00 on February 15, 2013.

According to the court's testimony, three people followed Moar to Johnny G from another downtown bar. One of them, Dylan Chatkana, covered his face with a bandana, armed with a sawn rifle and went into the restaurant after Moar, the court was told.

He opened fire when Moar went out of the toilet.

Chatkana, a teenager at that time, was found guilty and sentenced as an adult to the prison.

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