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& # 39; Outlander & # 39; Recap – Season 4, Episode 8 – & # 39; Wilmington & # 39;

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Brianna undoubtedly has the best and worst days in her life, and both are in the same 24-hour period of this week Outlander.

"Wilmington" is a heartbreaking hour that finds Bree reunited with Roger – albeit short – and then ruthlessly raped by Stephen Bonnet, formally throwing his hat in the run for BlackJack Randall A-Hole of the Year Award. Regardless of how you feel about Claire and Jamie's daughter (and, hence, it seems that the fuck is shared), you're probably missing out in the emotional department if you don't hurt her for what happens at the end of the installment.

Read on for the highlights of the series' milestone 50 episode.

Outlander Recap Season 4 Episode 8 Wilmington CLAIRE AND JAMIE VISIT | In 1769 North Carolina shows Roger everyone – including Fergus! – The drawing of Brianna from the Scottish festival, but no one remembers seeing her. Although Richard Rankin is certainly in the most accurate costume (as I have said before, Terry Dresbach knows his stuff), he seems to have about 500 coats and everything I can think of is friends"Joey does lunges or my colleague, Andy Swift, at this year's Halloween party.

While Rog continues to educate the city, Fergus returns home where Marsali is an added smiley … because Jamie and Claire are there for a visit! Self and himself are in Wilmington to participate in a theater performance with Gov. Tryon, they tell Fergus to live with a very sweet baby Germain. (Side message: I admit that when I read the child's name in the books, I am the troglodyten who has always heard "Jermaine" in my head. So to hear Jamie say "Zhermahhhh" is quite useful.) While the ladies get lunch ready for Everyone, Claire and Marsali ties over does not want anything bad to happen to their children.

IT'S NOT PRINT SHOP, BUT IT MUST DO | Roger is in deep despair in an inn when he hears Bree asking about crossing to Cross Creek. When he calls her name, she says, "It's you!" And run to him. Their cordial embrace lasts about two seconds before she likes: "This was not the plan." And their growing more heated conversational conversation draws so many looks that accompanies Roger outside. Lizzie sees everything and continues to see her mistress and this strange man has a charged discussion on the street outside the inn. They raise their voices. She rejects her attempts to hold her by her arms. For us, it looks like a given Sunday. But to Lizzie, it seems threatening.

Finally, Bree admits that she loves Roger, and she knew if she told him his plans, he would try to stop her from going through the rocks. He pulls her into an alley where they begin to kiss with joy. Going on it and throwing clothes, the Bree stops the procedure to make sure Roger wants to go through having sex. (You don't have to be quick with an answer, Rog: There are so many layers of textiles between you, you have plenty of time to mull it over.)

"We are not engaged," she says, reminding him that the lack of a ring was very important to him the last time they were in this position. Oh yes, he realizes that some of the blood in his body returns to his brain. He hasn't changed to have her or her. "Well, you have me all," she says with a smile and agrees to marry him. After all, "How could I say no to a man who persecuted me for 200 years?"

DO IT OFFICIAL | Roger suggests quickly that they become tangible, aka promised each other for a year and a day to make it official as soon as they can come in front of a priest. "Let's do that," she says, and they're both pretty cuddly and sweet.

So Roger finds a blanket in the barn they occupy and they kneel for the lit fireplace. He wraps his knuckled hands, then she goes through the promises, almost in tears. When they are finished, do they kiss a lot, and oh, hello, is that the wedding night already?

Both strip down to their grandma's dress is historically accurate, and then he takes her off and is wowed. "You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen," he grabs. Bree removes her shirt so they are both naked, so she transports her to the podium, which serves as their marriage bed. "If I take you now, it is forever," he says just before the main event is about to begin. "Yes," she responds in response: "Yes, thank you." But then he does, and she wavers a little, as one might expect. Eventually, he grabbed, and I'm sure Bree's first trip to the happy round is over, but no – he just wants it to last. Then he starts kissing into his body, and when he falls out of the frame, Bree seems like she really is in what he is doing. I am very skeptical that someone like Roger, who has so strict rules on what does and does not make anyone a sexual freedom, would not only be willing but eager to do such an action. But hey, Bree looks blissful, so mazel rope.

After everything is over and they are in afterglow – doesn't anyone seriously look at this barn? The newlyweds have not been interrupted once! – Bree is provisionally wondering whether Roger enjoyed their first time together. "Behavin & # 39; as if you removed your spine is a fair indication of male satisfaction," he calms her. She tells him to have sex, "but I liked it." And then it's her turn to work down from head to point south. I could spend time explaining the hilarious look on his face, but you just want to make memes of it, anyway

Outlander Recap Season 4 Episode 8 Wilmington PLAY IS THINGS | While Bree and Roger make Loch Ness Monster with two backs, Jamie and Claire all join Gov. Tyron and his wife to the theater. Before the play starts, Tyron introduces them to Edmund Fanning, a friend who is also the colonial actor registrar. Fanning is in some pain; He explains that his boot is stuck in the mud, and when he went into it, he did something to his stomach. "Inghinal hernia," I mumble from the couch. (Hi, friends teaches many of us many things.) Claire feels and starts to give advice, but nobody wants to hear from a lady about this sort of thing. He says his doctor says the problem will go away alone.

While Mrs Tryon gives Claire the rent, she points to George and Martha Washington, and Claire becomes crazy. "I should love to meet them both," she says, so the tryons make it happen. Claire, who is usually so smooth and independent, forgets herself for a moment when commenting on how Washington should have spent his childhood in Virginia "chopping cherry trees." What is the 18th century similar to a record robber? Because that's what happens here. "Is that a young boy would do!" She ends paralyzed. When she and Jamie are alone, Claire fills in on who Washington is and what role he will play in the founding of the country. She is a prisoner. That's cute.

During the game, Tryon accidentally tells Jamie that he hopes his men play their roles that night. And when Jamie is confused, the governor explains that he has a spy in the regulators' camp and plans to counteract a robbery of a wagon carrying tax to New Bern. What's worse: Tyron knows Murtagh is the leader.

Outlander Recap Season 4 Episode 8 Wilmington THE PHASES SAVE THE DAY | Jamie stiffens for a while, so Fanning notes grunting in pain next to him. "Forgive me," he says quietly, then tapping the man in the gut and making him cry out. "This man needs a surgeon and that is by no means a difference," shouts Jamie to the crowd and stops onstage goings-on. (OK, he really said only the first part.) While Fanning is brought into the lobby, Claire and Jamie have a confab about what the frilly heck actually is. So she calls for a needle and thread so she can operate on his possibly necrotic inguinal hernia (nailed it!), And Jamie slides out to try to get to Murtagh before it's too late.

While the audience is watching, Claire operates at Fanning. If you are familiar with the books, a similar procedure took place with a little less urgency – but no more privacy – on John Quincy Myers at River Run. At one point, Fanning's doctor shows and starts shouting that all patient needs are "tobacco smoke up the back," but Tyron sends him away. "The lady has it in her hand," says the governor. As Claire seams Fanning up, applaud the audience. "I see now why your husband claims he can't live without you in the desert," Tyron says. And to see: Jamie is back!

While he was away, he connected with Fergus, who made it to the ambush in time for words to Murtagh. "My deity couldn't be worried about coming here and telling myself?" Asking the older man irked. Oh oh…

HONEYMOON'S OVER | Back at Kids O & # 39; Love is Roger sex-stupid and accidentally lets him know about the fire to kill Jamie and Claire. "I just told you about the death order today. How could you have known about the filthy date or who the printer was … unless you already knew?" Bree wonders and begins to figure it out. He confesses to everyone, but she is no less angry. "You found out that my mother died, and you didn't think I should know?" She says and becomes even more furious when she finds out that Fiona also knew about the deaths. "I would never have done it to you, Roger," says Bree, convincing that he did not tell her because "you wanted me to be happy so I would marry you." And now, ladies and gentlemen, we have reached the point in this argument where Roger should close his heel, but it does not, and it just makes it worse. It's a bit of his specialty. (See also: THIS.)

Roger confirms his suspicion and spits out: "Excuse me for having you be my wife – as you are now. Maybe it's time you listened to me." If there was hope that this evil discussion wouldn't tip over in an all-out fight, Roger just threw it into the ground. "Maybe I'll go back," shouts Roger. "Maybe you should," she says, and doesn't give up. He reminds her of how she pushed Frank away, and then it turned out to be late. "Rend and hop. I was just a kid!" She counts. "Now you know what? You're still," he shoots back. (Side note: I know we should see Roger and Bree like these hotheads, who are basically the opposite of Jamie and Claire when it comes to solving problems, but man, I really don't like the way he speaks to her).

It gets ugly and when Roger tells him he'll go if that's what she really wants, she answers, "No one stops you." He's leaving. She cries a lot and does not stop as she dresses and goes back to the inn.

BREE PAYS A PRICE | Stephen Bonnet plays cards with some men at a table inside, and when he goes on to bet on Claire's ring that he stole on the boat, Bree immediately recognizes the jewelry as his mother's. She wants to buy it. He asks her to enter the back room to prepare the agreement. And when she does, he changes his tune and says he doesn't want money for the bubble, "but maybe you could make it." OH GOD. She tries to get away, but he hits her and strengthens her to the knees.

The men in the taproom continue their game when she is raped. We can't see anything – even though we, and the hotel's guests, can hear everything – until the time when she is dazed, with a blood nose and her clothes, is being asked. Bonnet muses that he thought she would be a virgin, then he gave her the ring.

She shuffles out, picks up her boots that have come back in the hall, then goes slowly upstairs. The way no one gives her another look is illness.

Now it's your turn. What did you think of the episode? Sounds in the comments!

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