Thursday , January 21 2021

Alta. Government announces new mental health center for children and teenagers

The province has announced $ 200 million in funding for a new mental health center for children and teenagers.

The facility will be built on land already owned by Alberta Health Services just east of Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital.

The new center will include emergency services for children and teenagers, including entry and emergency clinics, 101 outpatient beds, specialized outpatient clinics, a mobile response team, intensive school-based treatment and on-site school programming, mental health programs, therapeutic recreational programs, and a family center.

In addition to the money announced by the province, Stollery Children & # 39; s Hospital Foundation is committed to $ 26 million. USD for the project. The province says they will receive name rights to the center.

"When a child or teenager struggles with a mental health crisis or needs specialized emotional support, they need help as soon as possible," said Sarah Hoffman, Minister of Health in a written publication. "Our government has been aware of our commitment to mental health and we are proud to partner with Stollery Children's Hospital Foundation on this project."

The project's project phase is expected to start in the coming months, with the construction site starting in 2021. The province hopes that the center will be completed by 2024.

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