Tuesday , January 26 2021

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NASA spacecraft comes around the asteroid, putting records

LAUREL, Md. (AP) – A NASA spacecraft has orbited around an old asteroid, setting a few items.

The Osiris-Rex spacecraft stepped around the asteroid Bennu a month, 70 million miles (110 million miles) from Earth. It is the smallest celestial body ever to be bugged by a spacecraft. Bennu is only 1600 feet (500 meters) across.

The spacecraft laps are just under a mile (1.6 km) above the asteroid surface, another record.

Osiris-Rex arrived in Bennu in early December and flew in training with it until the last maneuver. The goal is to take gravel samples in 2020 to get back to earth in 2023.

The New Year's Eve milestone emerged just hours before another NASA explorer, New Horizons, was to fly past an ice-cold space mountain beyond Pluto.


Smoke shop: Works the lighthouse after the anti-Trump rant at the customer

TUCKER, Go. (AP) – A store selling smoking and weapons materials in Georgia says it fired an employee after he shouted the beauty of a customer wearing a T-shirt and hat that supported President Donald Trump.

The customer, Ian Fergeson, says he went to Xhale City in Atlanta's suburb of Tucker to try to buy juice juice. WAGA-TV reports that Ferguson recorded a video showing the non-named shop worker, refusing to wait for him and using several explosives. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports the video showed that the worker calls Trump and the customer "racist".

In a statement about Facebook and Twitter, the store says it does not tolerate such behavior by employees and that it fired the worker immediately after the confrontation.


National parks wounded by government end

WASHINGTON (AP) – Where's the Smokey Bear when you need him?

The trump administration's decision to leave national parks despite the government interruption has created a mess in more ways than one.

Waste is crowded. A resident near Yosemite National Park says "one for all" is engaged in illegal off-roading and other behavior. There is scattered waste and human waste. Campers at the Joshua Tree National Park in Southern California's deserts reported rugs as various families claimed sites without anyone ranking.

The tenth day of the partial federal government decommissioning, which has forced furloughs of hundreds of thousands of federal government members, has left many parks without most of the rangers and others who are camping campers and otherwise keep parks running.

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