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Big Elf Run pumps up the festive spirit for the gnome for the holiday

Charities such as the Canuck Place Children's Hospice, THEME or relief for Mexican earthquake victims also gained awareness and economic boost from Baxter Bayer's fun events. World Kindness Day for the class actor in the Big Fun Run Series is not limited to just one day in November.

It is World Kindness Day and in central Kitsilano a sleep-deprived Baxter Bayer Begging this writer to keep the questions weak and coffee extra strong.

In other words, the brains behind Vancouver's greenest december are litters elfing exhausted – or not "awakened" to steal a phrase from our well-informed prime minister, John (that line) Horgan!

"Pulled all day into bumper-to-bumper traffic from Portland and then, for some reason, could not sleep a wink. Must have been worried about this interview and what you might ask," laughed a gung Bayer, who did not seem to be charged My attempt to increase their batteries by singing "toss my name, toss my name" into a chic fourth 4-eats a few doors down from their Running Tours Inc. office.

Perhaps coughing up croissant pieces while barking out the "best parts" of this popular festive diny had something to do with the bad answer, but I'm sinking!

The reason we are here on this sunny November morning is to discuss the fourth yearly Big Elf Run, that works Saturday, December 15th at Stanley Park (Lumberman Arch) and breaks up initial Big Fun Run Series which included the new one La Gran Fiesta Run and Big Superhero Run, together with the established Great Easter Run.

Baxter Bayer was more than happy to give everyone a high five on the Lumberman's Arch goal line last year! (Gord Kurenoff photo)

"If you use smiles and attendance numbers as a measure of success, we did it very well," said Bayer, who already has 375 people, signed up for Big Elf Run 1K, 5K and 10K. "We wanted to create events that included all ages, all levels of competence and families, focusing on fun and cool medals and great experiences or memories, and I really believe we achieved all this."

It says here as a blogger who participated in 40-plus roads and trails this year that Bayer's offers really defined "memorable fun runs". More than 1100 people who threw up for their niche events in 2018 will undoubtedly agree.

Whether it was "bongo-line" dancing on Burnaby Lake at Cinco de Mayo, or the kids in superhero costumes in smokey Richmond, or the cute rabbits (young and old!) On sunny Jericho Beach, the series had its unforgettable Instagram moments . And to mention we affordable?

Non-profit organizations like Canuck Place Barns Hospice, THEME or liberation for Mexican earthquake victims, also gained awareness and economic growth from Bayer's fun events. World Kindness Day for the class actor in the Big Fun Run Series is not limited to just one day in November.

Everyone participating in The Big Elf Run will receive an eleven toque, a personal race bib (you must sign up online by November 19 to request your desired name), a cool finishers medal, snacks and drinks. And the good from Fort Langley-based iPOLPO Photos will be available to capture every special moment.

Costumes are always a big part of the festival at Big Elf Run and this year, even the dogs can win prizes for Best Elfits. (Gord Kurenoff photo)

There will also be prices for fastest male and female team members, Best Elfit, Best Dog Elfit, Best #Elfie and the sought after mr. And Mrs Claus of the Year award.

"Working on my signature heating is moving now," laughed Bayer, who admitted that many of the better stretches and movements were designed by his wonderful finances Jana Nakrieko. "Yes, the really good is her. Then I'm just nice and do some extra in the flight!" (As we did not notice!)

In two years, Big Elf Run has done American Express top 14 The Seasonal Events with a Twist list, pointing to how Stanley Park runs the afternoon checks all the necessary charcoal boxes.

"To be honest, I always feel the pressure to offer something else for runners," Bayer said. "As everyone knows, there is no lack of driving events in the fit and active Lower Mainland and the number seems to continue to grow. There is a lot of competition for your entry fees.

"… You have to pay attention to what happens when planning a race but you also need confidence in your own product and I think we have done a great job that offers fun for the whole family, especially with The Big Elf Run . "

The finisher's medal for the 2018 Big Elf Run will help your electric action.

Now my Postmedia News colleagues can call this "bury the lead", but I heard a rumor that next year Bayer and his series may look very different.

"Well, all I want to say right now next year is full of personal changes. Jana and I move to Denman Island, we have some opportunities on the (Vancouver) island to explore and who knows what's going to happen on the way.

"What I can say is sure if we had a title sponsor for the Big Fun Run series or more sponsors willing to help the Bank of Baxter scene, these fun events can be a completely different conversation, but we'll see. Things can change in the heart. And to have."

Bayer added that, regardless of what 2019 stops, runners can probably expect a fifth Big Elf Run, but his immediate focus is to make sure they are happy and remember the fourth in 30 more beds.

For more information, or to register, click HERE.

Baxter Bayer, a major supporter of human mental and physical health, encourages local runners to lace on Mustache Miler on Saturday, Movember 24.

Exit lines

This blogger, proud winner of the Big Elf Run Spirit Award 2017, will train in Thailand for the 2018 Big Elf Run and you can watch "special" social media updates on my Twitter account ( or Instagram (Funontherunohgord) starting Tuesday, November 27th. Let's just say that Smilesland and Tuk Tuks will be in for some "special" uncle Elfie moments when we explore the temples, islands, beaches and apahabitat! More next week on the development … Phantom Run trail races featuring 25K, 19K and 12K events on revised courses near Seymour River on the North Shore will be held this Saturday, starts at 8:30. I'm going to sit up for 12K and will get a report with pictures on Monday. … The Fraser Valley PEN RUN Cross Country Ramble will be held Sunday at Clearbrook Park in Abbotsford starting at 9:30 The Mustache Miler 5K and 1 Mile Run are set for Saturday, Movember 24 starts at 10 o'clock at Mahony and Sons, Burrard Landing. To sign up for this epic Movember fundraiser click HERE.

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