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Breaking down Yair Rodriguez's insanely eyelid elbow knockout over "Korean Zombie & # 39; – UFC Fight Night 139

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Spring weighting busters Chan Sung Jung and Yair Rodriguez threw down last night (November 10, 2018) at the UFC Fight Night 139 from the inside of the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado.

Last time we saw Jung in Octagon, South Korean returned from a perennial termination. He won spectacularly, but unfortunately Jung saw sideways for more than a year than once and put even more pressure on "Korean Zombie" to return with a blow. Meanwhile, "Pantera" lost for the first time in his UFC career, which led to the prospect of taking some time to grow like an athlete and martial artist. He has been away for a while as well and something forgotten as a result, but it just meant that both men were motivated to go back to the spotlight.

The two opened the competition with very low kick, but Rodriguez made it harder. Jung responded by doubling his pressure and picking his moments to explode in combinations with lots of right hands. When possible, Rodriguez returned to the middle and returned to his low kick.

At about halfway in the round, Rodriguez attacked Jung's leading knee with linear kicks as well. But Jung's stalking violation still found that it was at home, and Rodriguez was forced to run away from the change a bit too often.

It was a close game because both men injured their respective goals.

Jung landed a nice combination to start the second round and tried to follow up with a clinch takedown. Although he was still trading with his fists, many kicked, Jung did a good job playing with his timing, feinting and half throwing strike before he suddenly exploded into real crime. During a charge, Rodriguez took time with a beautiful spinning elbow that had Jung pushing for another takedown. Nearly the end of the round, both men really released their attacks – Rodriguez injured with some scary kicks and landed almost a flying knee while Jung made a large series of right hands.

Perhaps most importantly, "Pantera" seemed slow down.

Despite the obvious fatigue, Rodriguez opened the third with some acrobatics and effective blows. Vänstersparken could not miss and slam the inside of the head, body and jungle arms. For the whole of the first half of the round, Rodriguez hit back to his side. Jung's face had the injury, but it did not prevent South Korean from running forward with combinations late in the round.

Another seriously competitive round went into the books.

At the fourth round, both men beat but continued to throw at a high pace. As a result of their fatigue, the two were more willing to stand in front of each other without moving much. Both men landed, but few are more comfortable in this kind of scrap than "The Korean Zombie", which exceeded Rodriguez's quick advantage to stun him with a big right hand.

Both faces were bloody and swollen with five minutes left to compete.

Jung kept his arsenal limited in the fifth, mostly pushing over and replacing Jabs to deal with Rodriguez's advantage. Rodriguez seemed to have largely abandoned his low kick and instead chose to lock with South Korean – given that spinning elbows and Superman battles were lowered. When the match broke down, the exchange grew a bit, and it appeared that the big question seemed to be the referee's scorecard.

Instead, Jung once pushed forward, just to run into an upward elbow that completely turns off its lamps at the last second (looking highlights).


The end result was crazy, but then it was also the match. Pay to both men for a brilliant technical showcase that also showed a good heart.

Rodriguez's hands are still uncomfortable. He makes strange things and releases his hands in bad times, even abandoning his position entirely to flee from Jung's battle. How can I really criticize him? His willingness to spin his elbows and backfists injured all night, and the crazy elbow could only come from someone willing to take chances and trust in overtodox techniques.

Remember when the UFC cut Rodriguez for a couple of days? What a stupid fucking decision that would have been.

Deep in my cold heart, I feel like Chan Sung Jung. South Korea fought all night and, in my view, seemed to be on the scorecards with just a few seconds left. Most of the judges of the Riksdag also agreed. He absorbed a lot of injuries to drive the pace and give himself the best chance of victory, and he was within reach of the finish line.

Instead of throwing, Jung was true to his nature and continued to hit goals. It was terribly born, but if it is comforting, it should be that this battle will go down as legendary for more reasons than the finish.

Last night, Yair Rodriguez made a crazy elbow knockout at the last call. What's next for & # 39; Pantera? & # 39;

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