Monday , November 23 2020

Canadian astronaut helped repair delicious toilet in the room, NASA – National says

MONTREAL – As evidence that life as an astronaut is not always glamorous, Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques has onboard the International Space Station recently introduced a leakage room toilets, according to NASA.

The space bureau said the crew had to spring in action last week after the astronauts accidentally removed a connection point to the water system while upgrading a toilet in the station's US part.

Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques successfully landed at the International Space Station

Ca. 9.5 liters of water leaked during Feb. 1 incident and had to be folded up with towels by the astronauts, a spokesman confirmed.

"As anyone who has worked on plumbing in their own home knows that these types of things sometimes happen," spokesman Gary Jordan wrote in an email.

"NASA flight controllers in mission control Houston identified and isolated where the water was leaking out, and the astronauts re-established the connection and quickly absorbed the water with towels."

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Saint-Jacques and American astronaut Anne McClain then installed a new cabinet for the preparation of a new toilet system that provides enhanced privacy to arrive at the space station by 2020.

Jordan says the leak has stopped fast and does not seem to have caused any damage to the station.

Saint-Jacques, 49, arrived at the space station on December 3 for a mission expected to last until June.

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His list of tasks includes conducting scientific experiments, performing robotics, and testing new technologies. Aquatic plants were not mentioned in the list.

The Canadian Space Agency said it was aware of a leak in the water system at the station, but did not confirm Saint-Jacques inclusion.

It is not the first time that the space station has experienced a problem with the bathrooms. One of two commodes aboard the international space station crashed in 2009, as the pump separator apparently flooded, according to The Associated Press.

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