Tuesday , December 1 2020

Daniel Bryan says Hemp WWE Title represents Change, Gets DQ's Against Jeff Hardy

WWE Champion Daniel Bryan was back in front of his home Washington crowd and received a warm embrace from the fans. As such, he talked about how Washington was filled with people who knew the world needed change and largely accepted their positive response.

He addressed his upcoming battle at the WWE Elimination Chamber by saying that hope can be found in his new penny title. "This title is not just a symbol of excellence," the champion said. "This title is a symbol of change!" He went on to say that his opponents were trying to fight the change and go back to the old leather belt.

Someone who was not a fan of Bryan's remarks was formerly WWE Champion Jeff Hardy. He said he still has scars from fighting for the old belt and that the change was disrespectful. The two got to settle their differences inside the ring of the main event SmackDown Live.

Bout was a competitive affair with both stars having their moments. The ruling champion spent much of his time breaking down Hardy's body, especially his arms with teams and strikes. However, Hardy never gave up and kept fighting.

After finally getting a chance, Hardy injured and hit a Swanton Bomb. It looked like he would get a pinfall, but Erick Rowan disrupted and caused disqualification. Then the whole hell would be lost as all eight of the Elimination Chamber participants would start merging with each other to finish the show.

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