Saturday , January 16 2021

Deal: Take a 400GB microSD card for only $ 49

For a limited time, Amazon holds a sale on SanDisk microSD cards and SSDs. Headliner is a 400GB microSD card that currently sells for only $ 49.

This is a Class 10 microSD card that supports Full HD video recording and playback. The card also has up to 100MB / s transfer rate, an A1 rating for use with Android smartphones and apps, and a 10 year warranty should go wrong.

Finally, you can download the SanDisk Memory Zone app to control files on the microSD card. It is useful as you can use the microSD card with everything from smartphones and cameras to laptops and Nintendo Switch.

If you want something sad, Amazon also offers some discounted SanDisk SSDs. Notes are 500GB and 1TB capabilities, such as $ 67.99 and $ 125.99 respectively. Both SSDs are part of the SanDisk's Ultra Series SSDs – this means a five-year warranty, faster boot times over a 7200RPM SATA drive, sequential read speeds up to 560 MB / s and sequential write speeds of up to 530 MB / s.

Although the SSDs are meant to live inside a computer, you can hang a USB 3.0 enclosure to use them as external and portable storage.

You can get the discounted microSD and SSD's on the links below.

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