Wednesday , August 4 2021

Death Stranding Trailers Don't give the whole picture, says Norman Reedus – Game Rant

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There have been several trailers released for Hideo Kojima's next game, Death StrandingBut, despite the many looks people have had in the game, there is still a wealth of mystery and confusion about what the game really is. And, according to actor Norman Reedus, The trailers have not yet given the whole picture Death Stranding.

It shouldn't be a big surprise considering that this game is from Hideo Kojima, known for its complex and off-the-wall stories in Metal Gear Solid series. Reedus playing the protagonist in Death Stranding, even though the fans have eaten many tips and Easter eggs found in trailers, they have still not been fully representative of the game:

"The trailers show you an aspect of it, but not a whole picture of what the game will be. It's like a whole different thing. It's complicated, it's a crazy complicated game."

Many joked Death Stranding'S E3 2018 trailer, that the game might just be a "walking simulator" based on gameplay footage that was shown at the time, but Reedus said in the same interview with Metro that the game concept is "so far out in the future "And that it seems to be against ordinary game concepts:

"Instead of eliminating everyone around you, it brings everyone together. It's a very positive video game, but scary and depressing at the same time."

It is unknown when the game gets more focused with more trailers or gameplay given that Sony said it is jumping E3 this year. With Death Stranding being a PlayStation exclusive, E3 is usually where such a high-profile game will appear next, so it requires more of the game to appear, a bit of a mystery at this time.


While many have been hoping for it Death Stranding would be out in 2019, recent comments from Kojima itself make it sound like the game might not be released for some time. Regardless of what exactly the game ends, many eyes are on Kojima's next game, which is his first since his split from Metal Gear Solid publishes Konami.

Death Stranding is currently under development exclusively for PS4.

Source: Metro

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