Tuesday , January 26 2021

Drake's Wish Awarded: The CN Tower, Toronto signs gold for the Grammy winner

He didn't call him on his cell phone, but Mayor John Tory received Drake's message loud and clear.

The superstar wanted Toronto to have a shiny gold blind at the nightclub.

And it turns out that Mayor John Tory is not "stupid" or "stupid" as the superstar Toronto rappers jokingly after winning a Grammy award in Los Angeles on Sunday night. He knows when there is the opportunity to shine on Toronto and honored Drake's request.

"I want to say that the mayor of Toronto will turn CN Tower gold tomorrow – in chrome and gold tomorrow. Are you stupid, are you stupid?" Said the rapper in an entertainment interview tonight.

Tory confirmed on Twitter that the CN Tower – like the popular Toronto sign in Nathan Phillips Square – would be turned on in gold.

For the untouched ear, it sounded like Aubrey Graham, Forest Hills pride, spread his hometown's top magistrate – the very man who presented him with the key to the city in 2016.

Instead it is the best thing we can decipher, it seems that he talked kindly and plagues butter to Tory in rap language – quote "are you stupid, are you stupid" from 2017 rap hit clout by Ty Dolla Sign and 21 Savage.

Whatever the legendary rapper tried to convey, it worked.

The six god I always laugh at seems to skate on scandal like Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, was actually a surprising whim at Grammys, as he and others have felt stunned by the awards over the past years despite being successful all over the world.

And while he only offered Tory a suggestion when it came to Grammy's selection, he was laser focused with verbal battles that landed one after the other.

"The first time in Grammy history, where I'm actually, as I thought I was in a second, I like it," he told the crowd.

He reminded "the kids are watching, those who want to make music and all my colleagues who make music from their heart doing things clean and telling the truth and knowing that we are playing in an opinion-based sport, not a fact-based sport. It's not the NBA … This is a business where sometimes it's up to a bunch of people who may not understand what a mixed race child from Canada has to say … or a Houston brother there, my brother Travis. "

Drake said if you fall into this category "you have already won if you have people singing your songs word by word if you are a hero in your hometown. If there are people who have regular jobs coming out in the rain, in the snow, using their hard earned money to buy tickets to get to your shows, you do not need here right here, I promise you you already won. "

Drake referred to being a hero in one's own hometown, and it depends on who judges whether he is considered it.

He has been awarded a number of awards to him, including being the Toronto Raptors Global Ambassador.

And now, thanks to his great victory on the music scene's greatest scene, he has to paint Toronto gold.

Appearing when it comes to promoting Toronto, the mayor has proven that he is smart and brilliant.

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