Wednesday , January 27 2021

Dramatic dash cam video shows precise moment or Abbotsford collision

Dash cam footage posted today to the website Reddit takes us to an incredible scene in Abbotsford, where amazingly no one was significantly hurt.

A major collision happened at Sumas Way near Highway One on Sunday afternoon, just before 1:30 pm.

Posted by a Reddit user known as Frost92, starting as a white pickup truck makes a left turn on a yellow light, ostensibly clearing the intersection.

But as the pickup completes its turn, the truck clips and oncoming flat-bed trucks, loaded with pallets or roofing shingles.

The semi-trailer carries into the intersection, swerving right and left, before flipping onto its side and smashing into two vehicles facing the opposite direction.

The semi winds up completely downside down, wheels in the air.

The crash shut down all northbound lanes – and all but one – southbound lane.

Weather was not a factor.

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