Monday , November 23 2020

Drew Barrymore shares tearful selfie to make a point: Celebs have trouble too

Drew Barrymore reminds the public that although famous people in spite of glitz and celebrity glamor experience challenging periods in their lives.

The 43-year-old actor shared two pictures of himself on Instagram along with a warm message to his fans on Thursday night.

In the first picture-perfect picture, Barrymore is seen smiling, as she poses in makeup and with her hair styled.

In the subsequent self-image, the actor does not have any makeup, and she has visible tears that run down the cheeks.

In the accompanying caption Barrymore shares her thoughts about perception versus reality.

"I can probably spend two hours of hair and makeup and amazing photography and lighting. I'm also looking forward to a sweaty training … But it all requires work! It's good because we can achieve it," she wrote.

"What I can not save is that some days are difficult and not so beautiful …"

The Hollywood star continues to explain that she realizes that she is lucky and grateful because her problems are "soluble".

"But sometimes life can just come to you and take you for a moment! But we cry and choose ourselves and put one foot in front of the other," she said.

Barrymore asks her followers if someone else can relate to her.

It seems that many do because her mail page has received nearly 650,000 likes and hundreds of supportive comments from people who share their own matches.

"Yes, I do, and thank @drewbarrymore to be honest and truthful and remind us that we are not alone, experiencing it and that it is natural and we want to pick us up :)" wrote a commentator.

"I can definitely deal with @drewbarrymore. I have a little mental health on and off for years. Choose yourself and continue," said another person.

Barrymore honestly talks about how she went through a "dark" period of her life after her divorce from Will Kopelman after four years of marriage.

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