Saturday , January 16 2021

Earth inspires endless sense of awe & # 39; in the astronaut Saint-Jacques – Red Deer Advocate

LONGUEUIL, Que. "During his first days in the room's micro-gravity, David Saint-Jacques was transported back to his childhood," the Canadian astronaut told reporters Monday.

It was not the feeling of staring at the sky, wondering he talked about, but the feeling of hanging on the head of a playground as the blood rushed to your head.

"I'm a bit overloaded here, like most people are because gravity is not there to pull the blood down your legs," explained Saint-Jacques Monday on a video connection between the International Space Station and the Canadian Space Agency headquarters.

"Your body has to adapt to it, so at first you have that kind of a big red soft face …. Can you remember as a child hanging from the monkeys in the park, how is the head kind of puffing up? is how you feel constant initially and then normalizes it. "

The astronaut, who arrived at the International Space Station on December 3, said there have already been a lot of breathtaking moments. The first sunrise from the runway after he and other astronauts, Anne McClain from NASA and Oleg Kononenko from the Russian space company, Roscosmos, blown away was "quite emotional moment," he said.

"I looked out of the window and this little blue crescent began to get brighter and lighter and I realized," Wow, it's actually the earth's curve, "he said." So the first sunrise on the circuit I'll never forget. It was very moving – just so beautiful. "

In his first news conference from the space station he said that he tries to learn as much as possible from the residents who have been there since June and plan to return to earth on 20 December. They are Serena Aunon Chancellors in NASA, Alexander Gerst of the European Space Agency and Sergey Prokopyev of Roscosmos.

He said he has started to "dabble" in earth photography, including images of his hometown. Saint-Jacques was born in Quebec City and raised in Montreal suburb of St-Lambert.

"It's just an endless sense of awe that looks at our blue planet – this thin blue line in the atmosphere, the color of the blue flash – it's just incredible," he said, adding that he was moved by the beauty's beauty and sunsets and the feel of the earth's size.

"It's very touching and it's very humiliating and it makes you want to go back to Earth and help improve."

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