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F365's top ten Premier League leaders in 2018

10) Maurizio Sarri (Chelsea)
"Allowing a manager to fail can be Chelsea's clearest route to continuous success," I said. wrote in Octoberwhich suggests that Maurizio Sarri was allowed to be at least one autumn year as Chelsea manager – a privilege that previously only gave Jose Mourinho in his second spell under Roman Abramovich.

At some sensible goal, he does not bet on Chelsea, leading them to what looks like a very sustainable fourth place in the Premier League, five points free of Arsenal and eight points free of Manchester United. It is important to remember that he is trying to change Chelsea's entire ethos while only two or three members of start XI change. We are not yet seeing what he could achieve with an actual worthy billing effort. But so far – with an eerie team – as well.

9) Rafa Benitez (Newcastle United)
Roy Hodgson was initially penciled in this list after a 2018, which almost accurately reflects Rafa Benitez in Newcastle. They started in 2018 at the same points in total and finish it within a point of each other, having had very little investment in the summer. They hold both their teams enough to cope with relegation problems, although a return of less than one point a season game keeps them both in Sh * t Seven, with the Palace not pulling away as we had predicted.

The difference? We believe that Hodgson has a marginally better team. Benitez doesn't have an Andros Townsend, nothing against a Wilfried Zaha. He certainly does not have an Aaron Wan-Bissaka or a Mamadou Sakho. Which makes his achievement of admitting the same number of Premier League goals in 2018 as Manchester United rightly cursed remarkably.

8) Javi Gracia (Watford)
On January 21, Javi Gracia could become the first Watford leader to survive a calendar year in charge of the Hornets in the Premier League. Taking over a team of tenths and leading them to ninth at the turn of the year may not sound like such a fine performance, but a closer look at the figures shows a much brighter picture.

The team, which Gracia took over from Marco Silva, had won only once in 11 matches and put eight points behind Leicester in the seventh, certainly top of their ambition. Now Grazia's page has just lost one of their last five games and is just a point behind Wolves in seventh. Oh, and they made a transfer result this summer when they sold their best player. A really good job, sir.

7) Eddie Howe (Bournemouth)
Had I written this list two months ago, Eddie Howe could have been around four places higher. But the winter's intrusion has been cruel to the cherries, who have lost eight of their last ten games and admitted an almost credible 26 goals in the process. Ouch. The days of Howe are being spied on for a top-six job now, long, far away.

And yet, 2018 has still seen Bournemouth move from the 14th to the 12th and most impressive has shown that they pick up more points than any team that excludes top six and West Ham. The blue eyes may look a bit dull as the clock ticks out in 2018, but it has still been a year to celebrate. Now to stop the rat early in 2019.

6) Chris Hughton (Brighton)

We don't have to add a horrible lot of words to the graph, but I have to admit it I thought they would be banished this season; I was convinced that glut of summer signatures was simply too much interference. What has actually happened is that Brighton has become the best home page outside the top six, and that is the form that has taken them a remarkable ten points free from the relegation zone. They could be here to stay and we couldn't be happier for one of the good guys of the football.

5) Nuno Espirito Santo (Wolves)
To quote Winners and losers After their remarkable victory over Tottenham: "Now greatly over the blip that threatened to take the glimpse of an excellent start to the Premier League life. Wolves' ability to take advantage of the best teams in the Premier League is particularly good for their ambitions for to break into the cabin.

"In a table consisting of matches between the big six teams and Wolves this season – a mini seven team Premier League – Nuno side rank fourth with 1.29 points per game. This is level with Spurs and more than Arsenal and Manchester United. better at this manager and his players believe they belong to such business. & # 39;

And they have collected six former Premier League points in 2018 than Huddersfield Town. That makes me cry a little.

4) Mauricio Pochettino (Tottenham)
After seventh on this list in both 2016 and 2017, Pochettino returns to fourth place, which he occupied in 2015 after a truly remarkable 2018 who saw them rising from sixth – 22 full points behind Manchester City – to third, only two points behind City and a credible nine point behind Liverpool's leaders. The drillers say he has won nothing, but there is a reason Manchester United is asking him so; he has accumulated 13 points more than Reds in 2018, while only spending £ 25 million on Lucas Moura. And football is also pretty decent. This is the thing of the miracle.

So what next? A hell of a decision to make, it is what.

3) Neil Warnock (Cardiff)
As of 2017, in 2018, Cardiff City was fourth in the championship, behind Bristol City on target and 11 points in the management of Wolves. As 2018 becomes 2019, Cardiff City is 16 in the Premier League and still 11 points behind the Wolves. Saying that they would have jumped on the scenario in the summer is a massive understatement; they are undoubtedly the fierce overachievers in this Premier League season.

There is hardly a living person who did not predict their relegation, with some suggesting that Derby's lowest point overall was in danger. And yet here at the turn of the year with Cardiff, we still have a huge chance to survive after a remarkable first win season in Leicester.

Back to the winners for this: "Every time you write them, you'll be back to Cardiff City to keep your head over the water. It's like this whole season is a handy joke that Neil Warnock plays on us. Day in the season, Warnock will be on the pitch to celebrate and immediately announce his retirement.

2) Jurgen Klopp (Liverpool)
One by Daniel Storeys Fine predictions for 2018 was that Liverpool would be the best side not to win a trophy again. He was right. But while writing about Liverpool who had the potential for danger, Jurgen Klopp was busy eradicating this danger by spending massive money on our Virgil van Dijk, our Premier League player of 2018. He then spent again in the summer to produce a team that is currently undefeated and seven points clearly at the top of the table. Oh, and they reached a Champions League final.

It's hard to believe this time last year (when Klopp slipped in.) this list in tenth), Liverpool were 18 points shy of Manchester City after admitting twice the number of goals. This is a team converted in a calendar year where they matched City points for points. The fact that they only scored 22 goals in 37 Premier League games in 2018 is nothing short of amazing.

But of course he is fraud because he hasn't won anything (at Liverpool) yet.

1) Pep Guardiola (Manchester City)
Most points, most goals, most victories, biggest goal difference, greatest spaces for second. Don't make the mistake of forgetting what Pep Guardiola achieved with Manchester City in 2017/18. His city side was (and largely remained) remarkable, though they have shown a more vulnerability this season, especially in the absence of Fernandinho. Couldn't be strengthened in the middle midfield costing them the retention of the title? Probably.

Missed chances in Southampton on Sunday probably cost them the plastic record of 100 goals in a calendar year, but the victory held them ahead of Liverpool in the annual table. And two current trophies hold Guardiola in front of Klopp in this list. But my word, we ever shuddered in 2019 …

Sarah Winterburn

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